Friday, 6 September 2013

We'rrreee baaaccckkk!!!

Well, that was a rather lengthy absence, wasn't it? I misrepresented what was actually wrong.. Not sure if I caused my computer expert brother-in-law, Don, any grief! It was actually a wi-fi problem. We had no internet at the park in Clearwater, North Thompson Provincial Park. We figured that, "hey, we will just catch up at Teagan & Shawn's place when we get to Edmonton".....WRONG!! They are MAC users and it threw their modem out of whack every time we tried to connect!! It was amazing, that after doing it for so long, how programmed I am to report every day to you all!! Anyway, here goes. I will break this up into a couple of separate posts!

Saturday, Aug. 24th:

We headed over to Don & Diane's place in Langley. As always, we love the ferry ride over. Don is Doug's brother and Diana, his lovely wife. We always have a good time with them but it was especially nice to spend the evening with just them and us!! Thanks guys!!

Looking over at Galiano Island


Don & Diana
Sunday, August 25th to Tuesday, August 27th:
Today we headed over to Josh, Kathy & Gus' place in White Rock. You all know how much fun this is!! Just in the next few days after this picture was taken, Gus started to crawl!! Look out!!

 Grandpa Doug & Gus, the hall monitors!!
Get your hall passes out, please!!

Sitting with Grandma, trying to figure out just HOW to
open this camera  case!!

Checking out that bike!!

Josh & Kathy have a "shot-ski". It's an old ski with 4 holes drilled in it, they perfectly hold shot glasses (how coincidental). In this family, as most people know, we really like good tequila and this is mostly what it is used for. We always have fun with it and, as you can see, it requires a bit of a balancing act for all four people to get it drank without spillage!!

 Notice Kathy on her tippy toes??!!

Now, you have to write the date on it.....




Our sleeping beauty!!
So, here is the first installment, catch-up. Check-in for our next leg of the trip, up to North Thompson Provincial Park in Clearwater, BC, from Tues, Aug 27th to Friday Aug. 31st!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. All these great pictures of Gus sure make me long to see Cameron and his new baby sister, Sadie.

    So glad that you had such a great time with them, and as I have said before, Gus is such a sweetie!


    1. Thanks my friend!! You are going to hug the proverbial snot out of those two cuties when you get back there!!