Friday, 6 September 2013

Sturgeon Lake to Medicine Hat

With sad hearts, we left Kevin & Ruth at about 9:00 am on Thursday, Sept 5th to head towards Medicine Hat. We had a wonderful time with them and relived lots of stories of Mexico. They always have such good travel stories to tell and we know that Duane and Agnes enjoyed hearing them first-hand from the travel experts. They were very excited to meet Kevin & Ruth and I know they won't soon forget their time together...

Ready to leave.....Doesn't it look like Euri
is going to pull Duane's trailer!??
Grain Elevators: I love old grain elevators. They are silent witness to a by-gone era and they are quickly disappearing one at a time. It's a bit sad. Of course, there are probably much more efficient ways to gather grain, but still.
I really believe that these are the "Starbucks" of long ago. People would meet here, discuss the world and community events, family happenings, etc. Sound familiar? I am sad that they are disappearing, one bit at a time. It means part of our heritage of this nation is also disappearing.....
Here are just a few of the ones en-route to Medicine Hat: 



Heading home....Duane & Agnes ahead of us.

 Modern grain processing plant...  

We stopped for lunch at Saskatchewan Landing Park. The temperatures
were reminiscent of our time in Mexico!! 43 degrees...that's hot!!

The landscape in southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan is so
different from up north where Kevin & Ruth are!!
So friends, now you are all caught up. Over the next few days here in Medicine Hat, I will do more postings, just like normal!! We will be here until Thursday, September 12th.....
Cheers friends!!


  1. Just trying to catch up on my bog reading. Hope your time with Kevin and Ruth was tons of fun. I just can't believe the number of new and true friends we make in this traveling lifestyle. Hugs to you both. Oh, and I love the grandmothers - they're truly lovely!