Friday, 6 September 2013

Sturgeon Lake (Day 2)

We were SO happy to see our friends, Kevin & Ruth and Doug's brother and wife, Duane and Agnes. We shared lots of laughs all day. We did feel a "tad" bit guilty as Kevin & Ruth did actually have to work (...gasp!!) They gave us a nice tour of the property.....

This is a very pretty park. I believe there are about 50 sites and some cabins at each
end of the park....of course, we think it is so nice because of the
care that a certain 2 people give it!!



 I am a real CFL football fan. We, of course, cheer for the BC Lions but my next most favourite team is the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Seems there are lots of those fans here!! 

Agnes checks out the lake!!

No Duane...don't jump!!


One of the cabins had a nice display of hand-painted rocks.
Such a good thing to do with grandkids!!!

Duane loves his Duck Dynasty series!!



And here I thought Ruth had so carefully raked these pinecones into piles.
Turns out it is the squirrels!!!

Some VERY special tequila that we got in Valle de Juarez, Mexico.
Somehow it found it's way all the way here to Sturgeon Lake, Saskatchewan. We
brought it because we knew how much Kevin and Ruth would like having a drink of it!!

Love these two!!

Goofing around before dinner!!

The proverbial group shot, with tequilas and timer!! Don't anyone step back!!
Duane and Agnes with the FAMOUS Kevin & Ruth!!
Kevin & Ruth with the "not so famous" Doug & Nancy....

A gorgeous Sturgeon Lake sunset - you all gotta come here!!!
And let's all show up at the same time!!
Thanks again you guys - we have had an amazing time being with you again!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. You have some beautiful photos of the park here. So happy that you enjoyed your time, I know we certainly enjoyed our time with you both as well as Duane and Agnes. Thanks again so much for making that "little" detour just to see us!