Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sail Away to End of Day 1

Wow!! We could not have asked for a nicer day to sail away from our beautiful city of Vancouver yesterday. After several days of rain, we were blessed with a gorgeous day!! There was much excitement as we all gathered for that first glass of champagne, for sure!!

...and we are off!!

Mom (Nadyne), Carmen, Susann, Nancy & Julie
Under the Lions Gate Bridge!!

We spent lots of time just walking around on the ship, acquainting ourselves with all the services, and there are many!!

Our guys, Mark, Martin & Doug!!
Handsome lot, aren't they?
Lacey with her favourite uncles!!
We had a great first dinner and then all collapsed into our suites. It was funny to feel the sea begin to roll throughout the evening. We were awakened about 1 am to a significant amount of rolling action. Nothing that caused any problems or anything, you just noticed it. We found out in this morning that there were 10 foot swells last night and this morning so the captain had put the stabilizers out to stop some of the rollng action. Really not bad in a “maritimer” sense but interesting nonetheless! Oh, it was totally cool to see some dolphins jumping by the side of the ship!! Too cool!!

Tonight, we are currently sailing about 50 land miles off the coast of California, north of Sacramento. The breeze has been surprisingly warm all day and tonight, the stars are shining bright as ever. We can’t thank Mom enough for this opportunity. It is a “once in a lifetime” thing to be here with her and my siblings!



Relaxing by the window....


Well, as the days go by, I will try and be a bit more informative. It’s a bit overwhelming getting used to the ship, the routines, etc.  Til tomorrow…..
Cheers friends!!


  1. Doesn't look like there are many other passengers on board...?

  2. Have a great time! Has Jim found you yet? He asked for a picture of you guys so he could look for you!