Sunday, 15 September 2013

Osoyoos to Gus' place (a.k.a. White Rock!!)

First of all.....another birthday!!! VERY HAPPY  BIRTHDAY to Amanda. Her birthday is on Monday (tomorrow!!)

Amanda and our nephew, Kyle Bucholtz, moved up to Fort St. John this summer. They are busy getting life on the go up there in "God's Country" as she calls it!!

Amanda, we hope you have a great day tomorrow!!

Nice drive from Osoyoos to the Lower Mainland (White Rock) on Saturday. Takes about 4.5 hours and is easy driving. I especially like the Keremos area. Lots of orchards and nice fruit stands along the way.



Manning Park
Isn't it weird that we went through the Frank slide in Alberta the other day and here we went through the Hope slide. This slide occurred in the early morning hours of January 9, 1965. Two earthquakes were said to have been recorded in the general area of the slide. One quake occurred at 3:56 am and the second at 6:58 the Nicolum Valley in what is now known as the Fraser Valley near Hope, BC and killed four people. Like the Frank slide, it roared down one side of the mountain and up the other side. All the people killed were in vehicles on the highway. 

You can just se the top of one of the mountain sides where the slide occurred.



Whew, again!! Glad to have that behind us!!
Luckily, the road always leads us back to Gus!! What more needs to be said. He is just starting a little cold so on Saturday and Sunday he wasn't feeling to good. In fact tonight (Sunday) he was feeling downright miserable. Poor little guy!!

Grandpa, I am really trying hard to have fun but even the balloon might not help!! 

Know, you know if this little man will snuggle with you and fall asleep, he
really doesn't feel great!! Poor little boy....
Tomorrow we are heading back to Nanaimo....if we can remember how to find it!!
Cheers friends!!

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