Friday, 6 September 2013

North Thompson Provincial Park (Day 1)

Tuesday, August 27th:

We left White Rock this morning and are heading to Edmonton. We decided to go a very different route, that is through Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet and then over to Little Fort, which is about 1/2 hour south of Clearwater. Such a nice route. We made a brief stop at Riverside RV Park in Whistler. That will be a great place for camping next year. Great spots and just a mile north of Whistler. Always we start off with a road trip breakfast!!


 Part of the Brittania Mine exhibit, north of Vancouver and south of Squamish on Hwy 99.
Many years ago, Doug worked with his uncle who had a roofing company and
he was up on this mine roof, helping replace it!!

 Beautiful, wet west coast day - this IS why we have all those gorgeous trees!!

Getting another crock pot dinner ready, in the parking lot of Save-On-Foods

Whistler's Riverside Campground. It's a tad bit pricey at about $55 per night. Use your BCAA card and you will get a 10% discount. Still worth it when you want to spend a few days in Whistler. SO much cheaper than a hotel, that's for sure!!

Once you leave the Whistler/Pemberton area, you head up and over the Mount Currie mountain range and many other assorted peaks. This isn't a very common route for most people, although, as we discovered, in the summer, LOTS of motorhomes do this route. Such spectacular scenery!! At one point, the hills were at a 13% grade...pretty steep!!


Just a little switch-back like!!

Imagine our surprise when a long-boarder cam down this hill, no helmet. He was flying!! YIKES!! A long-board, for those who haven't seen them, is like a skateboard but, you guessed it, longer. Usually used on super long hills. Must be fun, but scary for the traffic. At the top, there was a policeman, stopping the other two from coming down. Plus, this hill incline is right after that last switch-back corner we had just come around. Not sure how he made it around that corner!!

Healthy lunch and the bees!!






I wondered just what she was thinking when she started off in the morning, way up here!!
The pictures below are the roads she was riding on!!



   Yup, Super Natural BC!!!!
Coming through those mountains it changes rather quickly to scrub land  like conditions...

Hard to believe that just an hour ago we were up to our ears in forest!!


Euri and us celebrate another milestone...260,000 kms!!!

Now we are heading east on Hwy 24, going across to Little Fort, BC and then we go
north to Clearwater and the park.... we are in Clearwater at the park. We arrived about 7:00 pm. Almost a little too late but we got set up in 15 minutes and were ready for dinner!!

We'll do the arc-house tomorrow!!

Remember that crock pot dinner I was putting together in Squamish in the parking lot?
So, we are all set up. Pretty cozy too. Here is a tour of our living arrangements. Try and keep up and don't get lost in the vastness!!
Open concept living room and dining area....

Just the living room....

The lounge/family room....

Upstairs loft. We use it for luggage storage but believe it or not, that
board flops down and two people can sleep up here.....

Oh look, the lounge/family room is now a bedroom.....
So, that's our first day. Great drive here. Beautiful scenery, compliments of the province of BC!! This is a very special place for us. We used to meet here with Doug's family for our Beglaw Family Reunion. Our first year was in 1982, when I was pregnant with Teagan. We stayed here for almost 15 consecutive years!! So many fond memories here. It was fun to come back and will be even more fun when we start up our new Beglaw Family tradition!!
Stay tuned for the next installment!!
Cheers friends!!

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