Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Medicine Hat (up to the 10th)-Part 1

We have had a great week here in "The Hat" as it is affectionately called. Doug's Mom, Helen, has been very gracious to give up her bed to us for the whole week!! Mostly, we have spent our time visiting. It's easy to pass the time that way, surrounded by family!!

We had an amazing thunderstorm the other night, and it was late too so the sky had been it's regular very dark. These pictures don't really do it justice. It looks like daylight!! It went on for well over an hour. The sky was so bright with the flashes!! Unfortunately, I could never quite get the lightning flashes on the camera, these pictures were always just AFTER the flash!!

Next day, it was off the local farmer's market. Super nice veggies and such. First shot below is the view out of Doug's Mom's window. Looking north.....




 Corn anyone?

Sunrise....I know, shocking, right? (Okay Kevin & can both stop laughing now!!!) I just wanted to prove that we DO see it, on occasion.

Breakfast out with the "relations"

Doug's sister, Diane & Brian and their daughter Dionne-from Australia.
So, after a hearty breakfast, compliments of Doug's mom, we headed out for a small road trip out to Red Rock Coulee. It is about 1 hour south and east of Medicine Hat. Super cool. Guess what? There are BIG, RED round rocks, out in the middle of this coulee area.

Girls in the back.......


Sorry, there ALWAYS has to be "that" picture of us, I know.....



Doug, way up there.....





Three generations of Beglaw/Johnston ladies.....
Diane, daughter Dionne & Helen Beglaw
Brian continued the road trip for us and we did a tour of Orion and Manyberries. Just small, typical prairie towns. Lots used to happen in these towns. It's a bit sad to see them getting left behind as more and more folks head to the big cities.....


A few miles down the road, we came across Manyberries. Now, I have to tell this little "blonde-moment" story. As we were driving around Manyberries, I started to notice that the streets were all called some kind of berry. So, naturally, I say outloud, "...hey, all these streets are berries" Duh!! Needless to say, they all had a good laugh, at my expense!! 


After this, we headed back "home" Duane and Agnes had everyone for dinner. We had lots of laughs, well into the night!

Again, another of these signs for fictitious moose!!

One special bottle of tequila that made it to Canada from Mexico...sadly, now it's all gone!!
Kirsty & Kyle

 From us to you all......we will keep up, catchin' up!!

Cheers friends!!


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