Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Medicine Hat-Part 3

Well, I was re-miss in my birthday greetings. Somehow, I missed Dionne's husband, Jason Mosher's birthday on August 31st. SO sorry to Jason!!


Sorry, you can't see the sign, but the writing is there!!
Anyway, Jason, we have enjoyed visiting with your wife up here in Canada.
Thanks for lending her to us!!
We did ANOTHER road trip out to Cypress Hills Winery in Maple Creek, SK. We were here last year. Super nice spot. It used to be a ranch and with the problems of the cattle industry a few years ago, they changed to a winery. We would say that it was a good decision!! They do lots of wines with very unusual fruits. Rhubarb, Chokecherries, Saskatoon Berries, Mead-honey. So interesting!!

Brian, Doug, Duane, Dionne, Diane & Agnes

 Nice tasting room...



Dionne & I!!

They grow their vines low to the ground to protect from frost....



So....that's it for us. We leave here tomorrow morning and we are heading to Cranbrook. We are hoping to meet up there with our Mexico travelling friends, Al & Colleen. It's only about a 5 to 6 hour drive from here.
Travel day!!!!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. God speed. You guys surely know how to enjoy each moment. Hi to Al and Colleen.