Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Heading out for a cruise!

So, it's finally here, cruise time is upon us!! We leave the Vancouver port, tomorrow, September 25th at 4:30 p.m. on board the Coral Princess. Our first stop is Los Angeles. Then it's onto Cabo San Lucas, Punteranes, Costa Rica, San Juan del Sur, Nicarauga, through the Panama Canal, Cartagena, Columbia and Aruba. On Sunday the 13th of October we land back in Fort Lauderdale.  We are really excited as it is our first time on a cruise ship. My Mom is treating all of her kids and spouses to this amazing, once in a life-time, event.

We have arranged for internet so we will see how that goes. I will do my best to get some blog posts up. Not sure if it will cooperate every day, but time will tell. If I have problems, I will have to catch up once we get back.

Meanwhile, we spent a bit of time at Josh, Kathy & Gus' place on Sunday and Monday. We went out to Campbell Valley Park in South Surrey. It's one of those jewels of a park and is so nice to have so close at hand...... 

Dad gets him all suited up.... 

Yup, we're ready....let's go!!

 They have such great boardwalks...


Lots of chickadees. Do you think they are used to being hand fed??

They have a great old speedway here, right in the heart of the park. Was used many, many years ago for oval races. That was really before the park was so well used for just green space. Doug remembers going out here occasionally when he was in high school to watch the races!!


A million shades of green.....

Gus gets his first glimpse of some of the horses using the trails too!!
After this we headed back to their place. Gus is quite happy now standing and hanging onto furniture (.....or pant legs).
 Nice little bit of chin drool, little man!!

Grandma had the GREAT idea that inside the cupboard was an amazing collection of plastic containers.........(sorry to the parental units) 

First, it starts innocently enough with flinging just one little container.....

As I said....sorry to the parental units!!!
Tonight we are overnight at Bob & Danna's place. They made a beautiful dinner of squash risotto and apple crisp for dessert. There is always lots of wine flowing and as many stories!!! They have also graciously volunteered to take us to the ship tomorrow!! Good friends they are and we are so lucky they are in our lives!!
So, hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow or next day from the boat!! If there are problems I may have to combine several days into one bigger posting. We will see!!
Cheers friends - Bon Voyage!!

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  1. Great pics! Enjoy your cruise and we hope to see you when you get back!