Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Just birthday news today!!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister, Julie Nichols!! We hope you have a great day today!!

Have a great day, sis!!
We FINALLY got home last night from the mainland. We barely missed getting on the 7:30 p.m. ferry, like by 6 cars!! Even though we arrived at the terminal 1 hour before the sailing time. So, we waited until the 9:30 p.m. sailing which, by luck, was running 45 minutes late!! We got home just after midnight. When Doug and I do our walk about the neighbourhood, we walk 5 kilometers in one hour. Since it is about 30 kilometers across the water and it took us 6 hours to get back here to Nanaimo, we figured that if we learned to walk on water, we could have walked home just as fast!! YIKES!!
Anyway, that's it for us today. Happy Birthday, sister!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Home sweet home! Sorry it took so long. Oh well, another trip to chalk up on the experience board. You sure had a lot of fun times. What's next?
    I'm in Oregon City with Petunia back in her spot behind Floribunda, but we're not heading out until we've had a very good opportunity to become reacquainted and sure she's not going to develop the same, or another, illness when we're far from authorized help.
    What shall we do today? Hmmm ........