Friday, 20 September 2013

Hanging around home

Not much happening here (hey, that's what I always say when I'm home??!!) But seriously, there isn't much happening!!

We are getting ready to leave for a cruise! Not sure if I mentioned it. My Mom has generously booked an 18 day, 7 stop Panama/Caribbean cruise. We depart from Vancouver on Wed, Sept 25th and disembark in Fort Lauderdale on Sun, Oct 13th. We overnight in Fort Lauderdale and fly home on Mon, Oct 14th. Doug, myself, Mom and my siblings and spouses are all going. Wow - what an amazing time that will be!! The only down side is that I will not have any internet ability for the whole time......I know!!!  Guess what I will be doing is keeping a daily journal and make note of what pictures I want to share and then do the postings when I return. When that happens, you may all need to grab your coffee or tea, a blankie and settle in for a l-o-n-g read!!!

But, I will be talking to you all before we depart!!

We will be leaving Nanaimo on Sunday, heading for a bit of visiting on the mainland. I have to get my "Gus" fix before we leave for 3 weeks!!! Actually, what I have learned is that you cannot "bank" cuddles. Oh, you can try, but it's really hard to do.............

Just got some pictures from Teagan & Shawn (...hope they don't mind me sharing!!). They are on a short holiday, for the first time, with their VW Vanagon Westfalia. They did a loop from Edmonton, down to Fernie, BC and back up to Banff, AB.

Pit stop in Red Deer, AB

We saw lots of this type of rig in Mexico.
I guessed that they were either German or Swiss. I was right...Swiss!!
Love the camels but not sure if that is what they thought was in the wilds of Canada!!
Of course, you have all tolerated my little rants about NEVER seeing a moose in the wild. Such a poor Canadian I am!! Anyway, it seems Teagan & Shawn know where to find them, and in the very best type of spot, in the bush!! I believe they are looking through their binoculars and took a very successful picture through them!! It is an entire moose family. You can just see the baby's rump on the right side of the shot. Look at that Daddy moose!!!  

Gus is......just perfect!! Doug and I have really enjoyed sharing his pictures with you all. He is such a joy in our lives. I can't imagine that we ever existed without him!!!
This is a little picture of he and Josh when they were on holidays on Salt Spring Island, a few weeks ago. Goodness, they are a good-looking pair, huh? I think they both have the sun in their eyes!!!
That's it for today. Just lots of packing for the cruise is happening. For the first time, I am not worried about packing food with us...imagine!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Wow - 18 days. Now, that's a cruise! If it's your first, you are going to LOVE it; just remember to get a little exercise 'cause the pounds can creep up on you with that cruise diet. You never can tell, they may possibly have wifi. I went on a cruise to Alaska during my two years in graduate school and was able to email my assignments from the computer room while watching the orcas swimming by.
    Have a wonderful time - and Bon voyage is the appropriate wish for this trip.

    1. We agree, MP! We are pretty stoked to be able to go. We found out about the internet package and I have ordered it. I should, therefore, be able to post the blog!! Can hardly wait!!