Friday, 6 September 2013

Edmonton to Sturgeon Lake Regional Park (Day 1)

We were up bright and early (not) and headed towards Sturgeon Lake Regional Park to see our fellow bloggers and great friends, Kevin & Ruth (

First stop was Lamont, AB for a hearty, prairie breakfast. It was a neat little restaurant. All the school bus drivers met there after dropping off their charges at school.....





 You see some pretty big things being moved here!!

Almost at Sturgeon Lake Park....




And here they are.....the famous Kevin & Ruth!!!

The Saskatchewan happy hour....
Doug`s brother Duane and his wife Agnes came up too!!


Duane`s fancy rig!!

A gorgeous sunset at Sturgeon Lake Regional Park!!
Stay tuned, again!!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. You know, those sunsets really must be gorgeous - all the photos of Sturgeon Lake sunsets are spectacular! Cheers!