Friday, 6 September 2013

Edmonton (Day 1)

We made our coffee and left the park around 7:20 am Friday morning. Great drive along through to Jasper. Always adore that area!! 


North Thompson River, squeezed and rushing by!!

A cloud shrouded Mt. Robson

Close-up of the glacier...
For those who have never seen it, this is a photo I took in Sept 2009.
This is what it actually looks like! In a word, spectacular!!!
Moose Lake

Waterfall on the other side of Moose Lake...

Love the name for this lake but I do have a little beef here. I have waited my WHOLE life to see a real, live moose. Now, for those not from Canada, that probably seems a bit weird, that I have never seen a moose "in real life". Oh, I have seen ALL the other iconic Canadian wildlife animals, beaver, deer, mountain sheep, etc. But moose....Nope!!!! Now, around this area of the highway, they have ALL these warning signs of watching for moose on road......rubbish!!! I have not seen one and I ALWAYS yell "Liars" when I go by the signs. It's a private joke that Doug (...well mostly me) share!! I am sure he will be VERY happy when I finally see one....but I do NOT want to see one of the road!!!!! Somewhere out there is a moose for ME!!!!!

 Well, well, here we are!!!

Getting closer to Jasper....

I have a picture of our kids, taken by this bear when they were about 10 years old!!!
Too cool that he is still here, in Jasper!!
Doug really liked this sign!!
Pretend mountain sheep.....
still NO moose-just sayin'!!!!!


Gorgeous, rugged mountains of Jasper National Park..... 

We arrived safe and sound in Edmonton at Teagan & Shawn's place.
Guess who has a VW Westfalia too?
Shawn's beloved Grandpa Rudy Clarke had this VW. He passed away in 1995 and this van has been in his Grandma's garage since then. It only has 107,500 original kms on it, so it is like brand new!! Shawn has many fond memories of the van and it is so cool that he and Teagan can now enjoy it too. We know they will have many "new" camping memories of their own!! I keep bugging them that they have to name it now!!
Anyway, stayed tuned!!
Cheers friends!!

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