Friday, 13 September 2013

Cranbrook to Osoyoos BC

....and we have landed at Nk'Mip Campground in Osoyoos BC.

We left the Moyie Lake campground about 11 a.m. this morning. (I know, we don't move too fast when we don't have to!!) We had a simple breakfast of Cheerios and coffee and hit the road after showering. Seems the ladies bathroom ran out of hot water so my shower was, let's say, just a bit on the chilly side. In fact, I figured I should go jump in the lake to WARM up!!!!! Oh well, such is the life of campers!!

Super nice drive through this part of BC. We first stopped in Creston. My grandparents on my Dad's side lived in Creston. A few years ago, we came through here nd found their old house. Boy, did it ever bring back lots of memories for me!! It is certainly not in the condition as Grandpa kept it but it is still neat to see it standing!!

The sun room where Grandma had all her cacti and African violets....


...and it's for sale!! I told Doug, wouldn't it be really something
if a person had money to just buy it and go in and fix it up!??

Euri parked in front....

There were always so many fruit trees here and an impeccably
trimmed yard and painted fence...

This is the bunkhouse at the back of the property where my dad and some of his brothers
used to sleep as there wasn't enough room in the house for them.
The front of it is sided white but here in the back, is the original wood.....
I can almost hear them laughing in the night!! 

Looking down where Grandma Tamas' beautiful veggie garden was....

The grain elevators, just up the street. I can remember walking past these, holding
Grandpa's hand when we were just little girls.....
Off we head, up to the Salmo/Creston pass - super high!!

Creston valley.....



Looking down on Castlegar, BC
My Aunt & Uncle, Wylma & Don Nyberg, have a farm up above Christina Lake. Such a nice spot and it always seems that we are rushing by this area, heading home and don't stop. Today, we decided to stop, spur of the moment, and as luck would have it, they were not home!! Rats - guess we will catch them next time!! We skulked around and peeked in the windows but no one showed up!! Guess they were in town!!

Nice house!!

Bit of a harsh driveway - bring your donkey next time!!

Lunch down the road in Grand Forks, BC

Campground at Nk'Mip in Osoyoos, BC

Bit crowded  for us....

Dinner is "almost" ready!! 

So, we had another exciting thing happen in our world. Today we found out that our friends, Mark & Patty Batalden, became first-time grandparents. Their son, Zach and his wife, Sarah, had a beautiful little girl. I believe she was born yesterday (?) or maybe on Wednesday. At any rate, we welcome them to the wonderful world of the grandparent club! Yes, it is all it's cracked up to be!!
We are just waiting to hear what the little darling's name is!

There is just nothing like that first kiss, is there??
She has her Grandma's hair, that's for sure!!

Patty, Mark and new granddaughter!!
Zach & Sarah Batalden and new daughter.....
I hope they don't mind my jacking the photos off Facebook!! No photo credit to me but many, many joyful cheers from our house to yours!!!
Tomorrow will find us back in Langley/White Rock area. Another road trip almost in the books, again!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. HI Nancy:
    I really enjoy following your adventures with family and friends. And it sure looks like you NEVER lose a friend once made! And, I know why. You and Doug are such great people and deserve the very best in friends, fun and adventure. Keep those posts and photos coming!

  2. Thanks friend!! Glad you are in the club too!!

  3. Your drive is bringing back lots of memories from our very first year of RVng. We drove that same route, just a little bit slower than you guys though. We stayed a week at the Nk'Mip Campground in Osoyoos. They have a very pretty museum just a walk up the hill from there. Also if you have time you should stop by Spotted Lake. We didn't do it and now wish that we had. It is just outside of Osoyoos.