Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We won!!!!

Yes, we did!!

We won a one year membership to Harvest Hosts. Our travelling and blogging friends, Kevin & Ruth had an electronic draw and Doug and I were one of 3 lucky winners. Check out some info below. Looks like a great opportunity. Please check out their website:

Harvest Hosts is a  community of winemakers, farmers and RV'ers who
have created an exciting alternative to traditional overnight stops.         
Host farmers and winemakers invite self-contained motorhomes, fifth-wheels,
travel trailers and truck campers to visit their businesses and stay overnight.
Harvest Hosts provides the opportunity to travel to new areas, have unique
experiences and enjoy purchasing locally grown and produced products.

Membership in Harvest Hosts is $40.00 for a 12 month membership.
We are extremely grateful to Kevin & Ruth for running this contest and even more grateful that we were one of the winners!!
Not much happening here in Nanaimo. We are heading over to the mainland tomorrow. We, being myself, Doug, my siblings and spouses, are throwing an 80th Birthday bash for our incredible Mom, Nadyne Tamas. Super excited for Saturday to arrive. I will have lots of pictures of that event to share on Sunday!!  
For now, I will give you all a little Gus "pick-me-up"!!
Just me and my Daddy....

"I just really, really, like THIS corner of my bed!!!
Even though I sleep on my back I can now roll over...sort of!
Gus' new, mini Adirondack chair is waiting......
Cheers friends!!


  1. It's amazing to follow how Gus changes from week to week. And, congrats on your membership - where to start?

  2. Guess you are getting a self contained motor home now to make use of this. Where will we meet?

    1. What do you mean? We are self-contained....just in a small way, Al!