Saturday, 3 August 2013

Walk and a Stag

Funny title, huh?

Went to our favourite place for our walk today. Super funny to see some guys dragging an upcoming "groom" around for his stag party. Not sure what condition this guy will be in by the end of the day but my guess is not very good!! The overalls were from the Department of Corrections, maybe the handcuffs as well. Not sure where the hood on his head came from....Yup, I think he is in for it!!

His two "buddies" went on ahead, presumably to get everything
ready for his next set of obstacles...



By the time this summer is over, I will likely have
shown you pretty much every step of this great park!!

So, in a few spots along the path were these balloons. Pretty sure they had
something to do with that stag. Hope that poor guy can swim!!

See the balloon on the close stump and on the far away tree branch on the left?

And here is his bike, with the brakes tapped off so they
can't be used!! Hope his bride is waiting at the Emergency Room!!

Apparently, he is going to be "getting away" from his friends!!

Gee, hope that guy has fun today!! Hope his friends are still getting invited to his wedding!! I did not hear the search and rescue helicopter so I guess he made it out alright!!

After that, it was just some patio time and making inukshuks out of the gravel under our feet...what a person will do when bored!! 


Hey, what happened to the wine????
Hope you are all having a great weekend!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. What a beautiful place to walk. Too funny about the groom to be. When our daughter Lindsey had her staggette (?) they gave her several items to wear along with a pageant banner saying bride to be on it and then gave her a list, sort of like a scavenger hunt with all kinds of funny things on it and then we all went out to the bars and she had to do or find these things, it was hilarious watching her and she had a blast and will never forget that night.


    1. Sounds like a fun time!! Hope this guy was having fun too!!