Friday, 2 August 2013

Market Friday

It was strange to wake up and NOT see the sun, wasn't it?

Today, as promised, we went downtown to the local market. I really like these local markets. Everyone should check out their own areas and see if these are running. Always great people with lots of neat things they have made and loads of their own, home-grown, local produce, canning and baking. Love it! It's just too bad that today was the one day with a bit of rain. Oh well.....

This is the island...gotta have tie-dyed stuff!!



Yum yum!!





Some nice entertainment....

Nanaimo is known as the Harbour City....

Just a few days ago, the Snowbirds were zooming all over this harbour!!







I know you were all missing the foot shots!!
We saw this card today at the market. I thought it was very appropriate as I very often have some miscellaneous shell or stone in a purse, pocket, glove box or somewhere else. On our first trip to Mexico, Doug told me that I had hit the "maximum allowable" amount of shells, etc. I had them squirreled away in a shoe box in the little closet in the van in zip lock bags with the names of where they came from written on them. This year I did a bit better, probably because we weren't near the beach so much. I did, however, come home with a nice little bag of sea glass!!
I hope our kids always remember going to the beach where we would collect rocks, shells, sand and sticks. It's part of what we did and I hope they will always do the same. I can hardly wait until we can take our little Gus to do the same!!!
Have a great long weekend everyone - travel safe and enjoy your time with family and friends!!
Cheers friends!!

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