Thursday, 15 August 2013

Happy Birthday to Mom!!!

Happy Birthday to my Mom, Nadyne Tamas!! You are the greatest and an inspiration to us all. We L-O-V-E you!!! She is a go-getter and we have a hard time keeping up with her adventures!!

In August 2009, she went paragliding up on Grouse Mountain:

Getting all suited up!!
There she goes!!
Now...that's HIGH up!!!

In August of 2011 she decided to go skydiving!!
She went up to 12,500 ft and jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft!!!

Getting suited up, again, with Dave!! 

There she goes!!

Here she comes!  

Now, that's an accomplishment!!
Anyway, Mom - we are so glad to spend the day together, on the ground, with you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. OMG - an inspiration for me too! Happy Birthday, Nadyne-Mom! Now those are some photos to show Gus in about 30-40 years!!!
    She certainly is 80 years young.

    1. Thanks MP - I know you would love her if and when you meet her!!

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo....we are the best! Hope you have a wonderful day, we were so glad to have spent a wonderful day with you and your great family! Keep on inspiring us with your Joy of Life!

    Danna and Bob

    1. Thanks you guys! It wouldn't be a party without you two there!!

  3. Wow! Kudos to your mom. That is a lady with a great spirit and lots of spunk! Happy 80th to her!