Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ferries and Fittings

Sorry that there aren't any "travel" stories right now! The good news is that we are leaving this coming weekend and heading over to the mainland for 2 days and then heading to Alberta. We will try and take a route we have not done yet. Up through Whistler/Pemberton and over to Cache Creek and Kamloops. From there we will go north on the Yellowhead Hwy to start our Alberta time with Teagan and Shawn in Edmonton. Really looking forward to it!!

First though, I headed over to the Vancouver area to stay with our dear friends, Bob & Danna. Danna is doing a dress for me for our upcoming cruise with my family and she needed to do a fitting. I can't say how much I really appreciate her doing this. She is an amazing seamstress and friend!! I did not take any pictures but we had a great day, walking on the quayside by the river and visiting. I miss them when we are in Nanaimo and they are in New Westminster (Vancouver).

After an overnight stay there I hopped on over to have a quick visit with Kathy & Gus. (Josh was at work). So, of course, I DID take a few pictures there!!

Motivation means...Mommy puts the coveted TV zapper, just out of reach!!

...and Gus will really try hard to get to it!!

...Love this little boy of ours!!!

Mr. Gus gets a new, snazzy high chair!!
Gus (on the right) and some of his new little buddies at the Mom group.
Look who likes to try and stand up!!
So that's been the week so far. Doug is doing some tweaking on Euri to get it ready for the next road trip.
Hope you all have fun this week!! 
Cheers friends!!


  1. Hey, from Edmonton you'd only be 588 kms away. Only. :-)

  2. Whoa!! In Euri that's a 6 hour drive!!!