Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very dear friend, Danna. We hope your "birthday season" continues and you have a great time tomorrow, August 14th....

Happy memories with you in Bucerias, MX

A toast to you, our dear friend!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Not much else new in the past few days. Yesterday, we went out to a small beach area and watched the ferry come into Departure Bay. Was nice to see things from a different angle.


Yesterday, our Gus turned 8 months old. It is hard to believe!! He is undoubtedly a delightful, loving, adorable gorgeous little man and an accomplished painter!!!

Hope you all have a great week!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. The look of self-satisfaction in the last photo is priceless. A truly amazing Picasso in the making!

  2. Thanks guys for your good wishes! I had a great day with a big surprise dinner party! Thanks for my Crystal, I will be getting many answers to my many questions.......

    I love that Little Gus, he is so creative, what a fun Mom he has!

    Love you Lots