Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bike Ride around Nanaimo

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!

Today we headed out for a bike ride on the terrific bike path here in Nanaimo. Last summer, we did the southern route and our return trip it was about 22 kms long!! This time, we headed out on the northern loop and it was about 13 kms back to the house. Nanaimo has done a great job on these bike paths. More municipalities should follow suit!!

 Looks like a l-o-n-g bike path!!!



Winds a long way around....

Even tunnels that take you under the highway!!

See, they are quite a way off the highway, which makes a really nice ride.
NO fear of cars and trucks near you...

After a lot of pedalling, what do we come across but Black Bear Pub!!!
Good thing we were strong and carried on to eat our picnic lunch!!! 

...but not before I got a flat tire and Doug had to fix it at Canadian Tire!!
Normally we have an extra in the bike repair bag but we used the last one in Mexico.
Besides, what are the chances of getting one on this ride???!!! Yup....

 ...apparently quite high!!
So, off we went, tire repaired, to find a lunch spot. We went to the Seabold Trailway. A nice path that overlooks the ocean. Pretty nice to live around this part of town I would think!! 

Yes, the pub lunch would have been better, but not cheaper!! 

What a great view it was....and great company too!!
Have a great day tomorrow, everyone. We are going to check out the Friday market on Front Street tomorrow!! Of course, I will report that to you on Friday!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. you guys have so much fun in life. This post is fun to read as I ride along with you! Hey, I may well me in you neck of the woods in a month or so. I'll keep you posted; first I have to get out of this town!!!! My hosts, Bob and Judy, have been so fantastic; it'll be hard to leave them.
    I'm giving a spaghetti dinner and party Saturday night - kind of a mini-good-bye to folks here. Then I'll be off to Jeff's house and then off I go ....

  2. Thanks, MP! You are welcome aboard anytime!!