Sunday, 11 August 2013

80th Birthday Bash

This past Saturday we had the privilege of throwing my mom Nadyne, a birthday party. Not just any birthday but an 80th birthday bash. Don't worry, there WILL be a sign. It's just that Mom's "official" birthday isn't actually until this Thursday, August 15th, but the weekend is pretty much the only time to get this group together!! 

What a great time we had!!

Mom with all of us.
My brother Mark & his wife Carmen, Susann,
Julie & her hubby Martin and Doug & I
Grandma and her grandkids...
Josh, Gus & Kathy, Lacey, Stephanie, Daniel, Christopher & Alannah
(Missing are Teagan & hubby Shawn and Justin)
It's always so much fun to have family and friends together for these gatherings! As always, food seems to play an important part of the festivities (well, at least in our family!!) 


Great Auntie Marie with Mom

You know these two!!
My daughter-in-law extraordinaire Kathy and Gus

Lacey, Gus & Auntie Oly.
My Auntie Oly has known my Mom since they were about 6 years old!!
Now, that's a lot of history together!!
 Uncle Ted (Auntie Oly's husband) & I....

My brother Mark prepared a great speech!
....and she huffs and puffs and blows out the candles!!

 Grandpa Doug & Gus...

 Josh & Gus...

Mom with our great friends, Bob and Danna....

 Then it was off to dinner for family....

 "Lt." Nichols....(a.k.a. Christopher) with
the quint-essential police sunglasses......... 
Doug and his "mad" policeman face. Never mind the plant that looks like it is growing out of Josh's head, although it does give him a Statue of Liberty type of look, right?!! 

Gus sizes up great Uncle Mark....
Wow, did we ever have a good time!! Our thanks to family that came from near and far! Auntie Wylma & Uncle Don (Mom's sister & brother-in-law) made the trek from Kelowna.
We would also like to thank all Mom's old neighbours from Burrill Avenue for coming to join the party. They always looked out for Mom when she lived in her big house up there and I know I can speak for all my siblings when we say how much we appreciated it......Thanks guys!!  Keep on coming to visit her!!
Anyway, that's it. We are back in Nanaimo for the next few weeks. We never did get that trip to Tofino in but we will, sooner or later, before the snow flies!! Next up is a two week trip to Alberta for more family visits, the last week of August and into September-our favourite time of the year!!
Take care and have a great week, everybody!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. What a wonderful celebration for an obviously adored mom. The photos are fantastic and so memorable the day together. I have to say I'm envious as I lost both of my parents in my early 30s. I love seeing these great family gatherings - old and young all having so much fun. Happy Birthday, Nadyne, and here's to many more!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words MP! It was a great day and we do love her!!!