Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Snowbirds in Nanaimo

I will get to that part of the post in a minute!

We enjoyed a great walk up at Westwood Lake today. My very favourite place nearby to walk and with 6 kms on the shoes, it's a perfect length of walk, for the morning, all nestled in the trees around that beautiful lake.



On our walk, it was very interesting to find this tree that the carpenter ants had eaten so much away. Big piles of sawdust at the bottom and one little ant trying SO hard to get
back up to the top of the sawdust pile!! He never made it, just rolled back down....


 We've seen speed bumps, traffic calmers, Mexican topes
....but never speed HUMPS!!!
Breakfast spot, in my sister's yard...but we "borrow" it in the morning!!
Fun sitting there and watching all the birds and squirrels....
 Dinner spot, in our part of the yard.....

So, now to the Snowbird part. When my sister Susann came home tonight, she told us that the snowbirds were performing over the Nanaimo harbour. We didn't know this so we were pretty excited that she told us. Off we went!!! Thanks for the tip, sis!!

Now, I am always very proud to be a Canadian but at a time like this, it gives me goose bumps. If a person can stand there and watch them, inbound, into the harbour area and NOT get goose bumps, I don't think you are connected to your heart very well!! the show lasted about 30 minutes and was nothing short of amazing!!! It is wonderful to hear all about each of the pilots and what they have accomplished. Some are instructors, some (many) have flown in CF-18 missions in Afghanistan and other points. There is an announcer who is also a Snowbird pilot who tells you what the manoeuvres are called. It was especially cool to hear all the music that they put together for each of the manoeuvres. Really loved Adel's "Set Fire to the Rain"....WOW WOW WOW!!! Enjoy the photos!!!


 See them way off to the right??

Barely got them in the frame!!




Hard to believe that sometimes their wings are only 1 metre apart!!!


One of my favourite shots.


And just like that....they were gone!!!


To all you young people out there who don't know what to do with
your lives, join the Canadian Armed Forces!!!
Make a difference to Canadians and to the world, just like these pilots have!!!
Cheers friends!!

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