Sunday, 7 July 2013

Raccoons & Dinner with friends! (Late post from Saturday)

These summer days are what we L-I-V-E for!!! Wake up to sun, stroll around in the sun, sit outside in the sun....well you get the picture. We love it! If we had our way, it would be this kind of weather every day. Never mind the idea that we would "miss" the other seasons, especially winter???? Not us. Summer, sun and warmth are for us. Guess that is why we chose to sell the house, pack up and head south in the winter. Why when we come back, we live in a rented 550 sq ft suite. Choices.....hmmmmmm.
Miss Spook, relaxing this morning on the deck in her "garden".
Still looking for my Mom...12 more sleeps pussy cat!!

Back to that choices thing again. We saw this sign today and thought it interesting.

Of course, this sign is geared for here, North Vancouver, but you could take out "North Shore", another name for North Vancouver, and insert your own community name I think. Even if you can't get "everyone" to do it, maybe each of us doing our own little part would help. We are all responsible!! Just sayin'...

Nice walk down Chesterfield Avenue to the harbour...

Nice gardens too!
If I rode a scooter, this is what it would look like!!

Harbour side view of the Lonsdale Quay... 

It's a nice stroll down to the Lonsdale Quay, so off we went again. For those not familiar with the Vancouver area, the "big" city of Vancouver sits across Burrard Inlet from North Vancouver, thus the term the North Shore. This is an amazing inner port for many huge vessels picking up anything from sulphur and potash (used in the making of fertilizer) to lumber, coal, wheat products and many other things in between It is linked by several major bridges and also by an amazing thing called the Sea Bus. It is part of the transit system here. It has been in operation since the 70's.  It takes about 10 minutes to cross. This little bus weaves in and out of the major marine traffic. IF you are lucky enough to be on it at the right time, you may even see a pod of visiting orcas (killer whales)!! In fact, I used to take it to work every day, way back when after high school. My sister's father-in-law, George Nichols from London, England once came to visit and rode it back and forth, all day long. He figured it was the BEST deal of the city. Plus he got to know the staff on the boat!! I never did see those orcas though!!

Anyway, here is a picture of several water crafts using this same Burrard Inlet. That is downtown Vancouver you see. You can see the cruise ships at the beautiful Canada Place terminal, in the background. The sea bus is on the left on it's way into dock at the Lonsdale Quay and then the fun paddle wheeler for tourist visits. Pretty fun place to hang out, huh? Plus, I love the sparkly water!!!

 BIG, fresh Halibut. What I really want to say is...
"That is one helluva halibut"

 We've got our "eyes" on you....

 I think the country of Ecuador is sending us a sign to come and visit!!

 Saturday market outside the quay...

 Now, where did that basket of raspberries go, anyway??

 Cheers to iced coffee (decaf, of course!!)

 Some salsa dance lessons...
With that, we headed back up to Mom's place. It is actually 14 blocks from the waterfront. Here is her building. We are on the right-hand side, second one up from the top edge of the mountain. You can see her covered bbq on the right-hand side. It's actually called the 6th floor. She is right next door to North Vancouver City Hall. They have amazing gardens all around, including a roof-top garden that is on Mom's side of the building. Super nice!!  


 The Chief.
The two-headed serpent is the long part, being held by the warrior.
It encircles his head.Read the legend below.

Mom's building also looks out onto the "North Shore" mountains. Mainly she is looking at Grouse and Hollyburn Mountains. The cool bit is the "Lions", which are in between these two mountains. Rumour is that long ago an Indian chief loved his twin daughters SO much that he wanted them to always over this area, so he had them turned into stone so they would forever watch over his beloved area. Okay, maybe they were too enamoured with the plan, but hey, he probably only had their best intentions in mind! Anyway, Mom loves "her" Lions and here is her view of them too:
   Always watching over us....
The Lions
Later in the afternoon we went out to Surrey to see our great, long-time friends, Bruce & Cindy Ewing. (You may remember hem from our first trip into Bucerias this year, March 1st. We went to their all-inclusive for the day.) We have known Bruce & Cindy for 25 years. That is pretty hard to believe actually, huh guys?! Always have a great time at their place. They are super fun hosts. Funny part is that we were sitting in their backyard and Doug was just in the middle of a story about something or other in Guadalajara when I looked up saw a family of 4 raccoons come skulking through the yard behind us. I yelled "raccoons" and Cindy thought it was part of the Guadalajara story. Pretty funny. We all jumped up pretty fast as occasionally raccoons can be pretty nasty when "confronted", especially when they have the babies with them. But, I think they were as surprised as us and turned and ran the other way back out of the yard. In fact, I was so surprised that I completely forgot to take their picture but to be fair, they were pretty fast booking it out of there!! 
 Gotta love friends with a sense of humour!!
Wait a minute, you mean they aren't kidding??

 Thanks Bruce and Cindy! As always, we had a great time!!
But we wondered just how you got those raccoons to
stroll through the yard at exactly the right time??!!
Thanks for checking in folks!! Hope you all continue to have a great weekend!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Yes, those raccoons can be awfully nasty. One time my girlfriend heard her little Shih Tzu yelping out on the deck. She ran out and was attacked by a mean and angry raccoon with a bite to her leg - rabies treatment followed!!! The morale - don't frighten or irritate them in close quarters.
    Great photos again - so green and bright flowers. So, that mist, along with the sun, does encourage beautiful landscapes.

  2. Love the door mat too - where to buy one???

  3. Thanks for the tour. We have always loved the Vancouver area. You Mom has some pretty nice views from her place.