Monday, 15 July 2013

New baby & a picnic

Today, another beautiful little boy joined our midst!! Liam Michael Ewing arrived safe and sound very early this morning at a healthy 7 lbs, 6 oz. in Langley, BC. We are so very happy for the parents, Sean & Sarah Ewing. We have known Sean Ewing and his family since he was 5 years old and their family moved in beside us in Cloverdale. Let the good times begin!!

 A VERY happy grandma, Cindy holds her beautiful grandson, Liam!!

Three generations of Ewing men!!
That sun seems bright on little Liam's eyes...Grandpa Bruce, give him your sunglasses!!
Many congratulations to the new family!!!
Today we joined Bob and Danna for a picnic in Stanley Park. We decided to throw down the blanket on the west side of the Brockton Point oval, overlooking the Coal Harbour area. So pretty there....

 Doug wrestles with a bottle of wine (de-alcoholised for the park, of course!!)

Looks like Doug won!!!

 An uninvited, wannabe guest
What a beautiful city!!

 Bob and Danna - our Mexico travelling buddies!!

 Yup, us too!!
Looking back from Brockton Point to the "North Shore", a.k.a. North Vancouver, 
where we have been hanging out these past weeks
 This is the seawall that runs all the way around Stanley Park.
It is approximately 9 kms around....

 I think these two can make it around, don't you?

 The "Wetsuit Girl"

 Looking west towards the Lions Gate bridge.

 The area behind the Lions Gate bridge, to the left is West Vancouver.

A beautiful view of Mt. Baker in Washington state.
Pretty clear skies today!!

 The shadowy figures of the picnickers.

Overlooking English Bay at the corner of Beach Avenue & Denman Street.
Great, fun day and we love welcoming in that new, precious little boy, Liam Michael Ewing!! It just doesn't get better than this, that's for sure!! Thanks for coming along!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Such a lovely city we live in...
    Congrats with the new arrival, our little Liam is 34 now!

  2. Yes, yes, a very lovely city. I think you two have more friends than anybody I know! How many picnics do you average per month?