Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Late Birthday wishes and Gus time

First, my apologies to our great friend, Brenda Rossi. I missed her birthday sign!! Well, actually Brenda, Doug and I thought about you on the weekend but there was no internet up at the cabin on Mable Lake!! So here's to you.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!!! (I had a little helper to hold the sign!!!)

He doesn't want you to see it yet.....

Okay, now you can see it!!!
Happy Late Birthday Brenda, our dear friend!!!
So sorry we were late - hope your day was GREAT!!!

Well, we didn't do much today. We actually went and looked at a motorhome.....gasp!

Don't worry, nothing will happen to Euri, likely EVER, since Doug did the calculation on what the gas would cost us at today's prices for a small wasn't pretty. I am not sure how all our RV'ing friends do it!! We will stick to our VW Westfalia and keep on getting 25 miles to the gallon. Doug figured out that our trip to Mexico and back this winter/spring cost us about $1600 Cdn in gas to do 14,000 kms. If we had one of the motorhomes we looked at today (24' Class C or the 22' Flair, Class A) the very same trip would cost us roughly $4,000 Cdn. WHAT????????????

Tonight we took my Mom over to see Josh & Kathy and her great-grandson, Gus. Super fun visit. Gus was in fine form when we got there so he was good fun!!

 Hey, Grandpa and I have the same shirt!!!
 Three generations of Beglaw men can't be wrong
with THOSE shirts on, now can they?
That's it!! 
Tomorrow we think we are doing another "food truck" day with Mom!! Bring your napkins!!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. ¡A-dor-a-blA! Now, who does that shirt look better on? Hey Nancy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - I could put you and your mom together in a crowd! Bet she's loving her great-grandson.