Sunday, 28 July 2013

Happy Weekend and a birthday!!

July 28th.....and it is our beautiful daughter, Teagan's, birthday. More than anything in this world, we wish her a most amazing and wonderful time in Banff with her husband, Shawn!!

We love you.....Happy Birthday!!!!!

Gus and Mr. Owl wish a very Happy Birthday to Auntie Teagan!!!
We finished up our stint as cat-sitters for my Mom. I am pleased to say that the cat seems to have survived our shift although I think, at times, she was not happy with her temporary "staff"!!
On Friday, we headed over to Josh, Kathy's & Gus' place in White Rock for a few days. When we were in Mexico, we picked up a tortilla press for them. It was bought at a small hardware store in San Jose del Garcia when we were shopping with Bob & Danna. So much fun to see them use it.
Meanwhile, Gus and I practiced our foot shots.....
Pretty sure Gus isn't really enjoying this photo op when there
are plants and much more interesting things to look at!!
Grandpa and Gus check out the garden....
We have party to go to tonight (Saturday) for our nephew, Brandon. An early birthday celebration for his 30th. He officially turns 30 on Monday, just the day after Teagan, so we will put the official birthday wishes on here later for him!! 
We did make one small little acquisition the other day!!! Since we have decided that, for the unforeseen future, we will not be buying a bigger motorhome due to the extreme gas costs, we thought it best to stop putting so many "non-camping" miles on Euri. I have always wanted a VW Beetle and now we have one!!! I think Doug might have found something else he would rather have had but he found this little guy and it was love at first sight. It is a 2001 with a 5 speed and is loaded with pretty much everything except leather interior and has about 66,200 original kms on it, so very low. There are the usual nicks in the paint and being black you can really see them but we were more interested in the low miles. Super excited for sure!!! Guess we will have to get it cut polished up when we get back to the island....   
  Blogger Felix!!

That's it for us for now. Tomorrow we are off to Bob & Danna's for brunch and then we will, eventually, make our way to the ferry and back to Nanaimo for about 11 days then we will come back to Vancouver for my Mom's 80th birthday bash!! So much to do!!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. Like the new wheels! So glad you are going to keep Euri, for touring around Mexico he is perfect and for touring around home, Felix looks like he will fit that bill perfect as well.


    1. Thanks! It is fun to drive...just needs a new little palm tree in that cute little vase inside!!

  2. Hey, great VW Bug - we call them here - In my lifetime, I've had three and loved each one of them. You've entered into my Smart car league. I'm loving my little car - only problem is I have to remember where I've parked as it's not easy to see it in a busy parking lot!
    I'm sure you guys will have every nick and scratch out of there before long. Enjoy it - and the gas mileage.

    PS: How'd the tortillas turn out?

    1. Hi MP - Love our new little car!! Think we will love the gas mileage even better!!

      Tortillas turned out fine. They were a little thick as we used too fine a flour in them. They made for great "pita/naan" style bread with humus for dip though!!