Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Just saying that conjures up all sorts of great parties taking place all over the USA....we hope all our friends and neighbours in the south of us have a wonderful day with family and friends!!

So, as I mentioned, my Mom is away with her sister & brother-in-law on a 14 day Alaska cruise. My mom loves the Alaska cruise. I think she has been about 5 or 6 times. I figure that she is training to drive the ship. Doug and I are "house-sitting / cat-sitting" while she is gone. We will be here in North Vancouver for 14 days. Gives us a great chance to visit with family and friends and pretend that we are living the "high-life" like my mom!! Her place is on the 6th floor which I figure is just about a perfect height up for me. It is close enough that you still hear street sounds and therefore don't feel so disconnected from what is happening in the world below. Much higher and I, personally, would feel a bit far away. We think it's the perfect spot for her!!

 View of West 13th street from mom's east facing balcony...

 ...and looking west.

Her balcony is bigger than Euri!!

Later in the afternoon, we headed down to the Lonsdale Quay. It is about 13 blocks down to the water. It is a really good work-out coming back up as it is pretty steep. This picture certainly doesn't show the steep climb....

 Looking back up Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver

 You can just see Canada Place where their ship was docked. I wish I could say that we got down there in time to see them depart but we didn't. We were too busy getting settled at her place. Oh well. At least they had an amazing sunny day to leave Vancouver!!

That is the quay behind us....

 Just a tiny, little yacht anchored, Vibrant Curiosity...
Aptly named as we wondered who could be on it!! It is a 280 ft monstrosity that houses up to 18 guests and is the 60th largest yacht in the world currently under sail. (You mean there are bigger ones???) It requires 26 crew to operate!!  A bit of investigation shows the original owner had it built in 2009.
Screw manufacturer Reinhold Wuerth has ordered 1,250 of his 5,000 employees in Germany to reduce their working hours and cut their pay by 15 percent. The rest of his workers are being forced to take a solidarity pay cut of five percent.
Nothing like making your employees feel like all is well up top, huh? Wonder if they got an invite on board? Maybe it's since been re-sold but the investigation does not show that...

...and here is the cat, Miss Spook. She is just thinking that this is all just a horrible mistake and Mom is coming back any minute!! (Nope, I was not responsible for naming her....)
"...where's my mom???"
Hope you all are having a great week!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Great photos Nancy. Your posts are so well done - with photos and information, I feel like I'm learning about Canada before I get there!
    Just returned from one of those parties you mentioned. A group of us went to one couple's house for a pool party (only 114 degrees today!!! - that's 45.556 Celcius). We just stayed in the pool under an umbrella. Then we went to another couples' house where I barbecued chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce, mashed red potatoes with skins, big green salad, French bread and strawberry shortcake. Now, that's as American as apple pie! Anyway, because of the extreme heat and dryness, firworks are pretty much out for this year. Now I'm home with the air-conditioner on trying to relax while I get it down to 79 degrees so I can go to bed. Just TOO DARN HOT!

  2. Thanks MP! Glad is all well and hot in your 'hood!!!