Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Food Trucks!!

We headed down to the SeaBus today to go to Vancouver to try out a lunch at a food truck. We had seen an episode of Eat St. and Doug decided that he really wanted to try one called "Fresh, Local & Wild". 

 Walking down Lonsdale, I think I might have to go here for coffee!!

More cruise ships in!!
The truck we wanted to go to is always parked at the corner of West Hastings and Burrard Street. The talented chef, Josh Wolfe, is opening a restaurant in Yaletown, called Good Wolfe Kitchen & Bar. If this is any indication of his quality, it will be great. Let's just hope it doesn't bog him down. Seems a food tuck is SO easy but I guess it limits your market somewhat. Check them out at:
Doug had the Seafood Chowder Poutine. It was seafood chowder over fries - diet fries, of course!!) I had the Shawarma salad, pan fried local fish with lots of salad fixin's and humus. 
Double yum!!
Nope, we did not like them
....and we don't need dinner tonight!!
We carried on and walked all over the waterfront area of downtown. It really, really is a beautiful city. Yes, it rains a lot in the "off-season" but still, it is so pretty and I am proud to say I am "from" Vancouver. We carried on our way and walked all around Canada Place, Cruise Ship Terminal again and over to Jack Poole Plaza, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch, called "The Flame". I took a picture of that Olympic Torch in February 2010. Here it is:
 Here it is in February 2010
They actually had a fence around it or it would have gotten trampled
by all the happy visitors I think! That is how I got a shot without anyone in it!
 ...and here it is today!! Still looks amazing.
It is used for special events in the city.

...and here is what The Flame represents....
Peace, Friendship and Respect.
We really enjoyed walking around and checking the area around the Art Gallery where lots of food trucks hang-out. We found a favourite. See if you can figure out why....

 Now, that's a dessert - Hair of the Hog that Bit You...Yummy!!


This truck's speciality is gourmet, grilled cheese sandwiches.
It might have to be our next stop for lunch!!
So many little lunch time!!
Keep on the tour with us. Hope you brought your comfy shoes because mine are starting to hurt my feet!!
 555 Burrard Street, this is the tower I used to work in!!

 Vancouver is trying hard to become more green and to encourage more bike riders so
they have put up lots of bike lanes and some parking areas for bikes. It didn't make
them too popular with some of the "narrow-minded" car drivers. Too bad!!
We all have to find out other ways to get to work!! Co-operation folks!!

 "Rosewood" Hotel Georgia, established in 1927 
Look how small it looks. Right across the street from the Art Gallery


 Part of Canada Place...
What a great day. Good thing we did so much walking because we did lots of eating!! Really glad we had that big hill to get back up here!! I think that it will be a "cereal for dinner" night tonight!!

And just in case you all forgot what a raindrop looks it is!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. That sculpture is what I'd call "good humor." Vancouver would never be as beautiful as it is without rain. What a beautiful city.

  2. I too love our city! We lve in Langley, but to everyone else we say we're from Vancouver.
    Our next home base will probably be Vancouver Island.

    Tanks for sharing, much enjoyed.

    Cheers, Peter.

    1. We lived in Langley too, Peter! We also used to tell people we were from Vancouver, it was just easier as they always knew where that was. Our current home base is in Nanaimo. Lots of similarities, huh?!