Monday, 15 July 2013

Brunch and a Hike (late Sunday post)

Sorry for the absence! Not much new on our front. Still cat-sitting at Mom's but this cushy gig is coming to an end soon as her ship sails back into port on Wednesday morning!!

This morning we had our in-laws over for brunch. Super fun time and some good eats. Beglaw pancakes.....secret family recipe!!

 Gus with Grandpa Rick

Gus is happy and this is Josh's "Mom, take the picture please" smile!!

Hannah introduces Gus to Miss Spook

 Now that we have gotten that pesky cat out of
Great Grandma's chair, I can have it!!

Rough-housing with Mommy...
(hold it, just how long ago was it that he ate???)

Napping with my Daddy...
Now it's time for Miss Spook to investigate Gus...
How come it is that a cat can stay just out of reach of a little boy???
...and I will just lay down right here....
Getting geared up for his first ride in the new backpack....
I grew up in North Vancouver on a street that backs onto a park called Lynn Canyon Park. It has a gorge running through it with a very fast flowing river. There is this amazing suspension bridge that connects you to the far side where all the trails are. The park and the bridge officially opened on Sept 12, 1912. Over 100 years ago!! The bridge is 50 meters above the river and is for some, a very difficult thing to cross as it can swing back and forth, depending on how many people are on it at any one time. On a side bit of history, my Great-Grandpa Hunter (my Mom's grandpa) worked for the company that made the first ropes for this bridge.....and they were made from regular roping material, not the steel cable you see here today!!)

 Josh heading over with Gus and Kathy follows....
just looks like it disappears into the trees!!

The bum slide, as we knew it growing up. See that swirl of water coming over the rocks on the right hand side? It is aptly named as people can actually slide down it, the rocks are smooth on the way down. The big problem occurs when you hit the water and it is a deadly whirlpool underneath and many people have not come back up. Very dangerous and those of us who grew up here were VERY aware of those inherent dangers, respected it and did not go on it...) 

 Across on the other side.

This park is filled with beautiful walking and hiking trails. Very rugged, soaring cedar trees and always the sound of the rushing river nearby. Pretty magical place to be able to grow up near. One of the favourite things is a 20 minute hike to an area known as "30 Foot". It is a beautiful swimming area. Come on the hike with us and I will show you....

 There is such a peacefulness when you get down into these areas....

Remember those springboard notches in the trees at Golden Ears Provincial Park that I showed you? Well, here is the same thing. In the late 1800's this area was logged off and the red cedar and Douglas firs were milled into lumber and exported. This whole area of Lynn Valley is now huge, second growth trees. Pretty amazing!!
Many, many years ago, you can see where the river also ran....

 30 foot pool....
 Gus is impressed!!
What you can't see is this: The water comes down a long, long cavern like area on the right. It flows down to this pool and is extremely deep, like...30 feet in the centre (and you an see all the way to the bottom as it is so clear) then the water drains off to the left and flows down river , past the bum slide and under the swinging bridge and all the way to the harbour and the ocean. Pretty impressive huh? Very peaceful and calm in the summer but a raging torrent in the winter and spring run-off times.

 Someday, me and my Dad are going to swim in that cold water!!!

 Then we walked up about 300 steps to join up to the pipeline bridge and Rice Lake Road.

The stairs just kept on going.....

We have our own specialized singer in the group.
No need for bear whistles or bells here!!

 Same river, only upstream from 30 foot and the big bridge....


After this we walked on to my Auntie Oly & Uncle Ted's house to introduce them to Gus. They are lifelong friends with my Mom. They were pretty stoked to meet his acquaintance!!

Wow - more family for Gus to meet!!

And yup, he's tired....

So that was our day. Pretty awesome to be sure. The new backpack worked flawlessly and we are pretty sure that Gus loves it.....Josh's back and shoulders held up well due to the great design. They should have lots of fun with the freedom that a backpack gives you, at times, over a stroller. When our kids, Teagan and Josh, were small, they loved being in our backpacks. 
One last story for today. My Mom and Dad's house always had this funny green stool. Always. As we all grew up and our kids grew up, there were many times we each had to sit on the stool at the dining table when there were more people than chairs. The kids would generally fight over who got to sit on "the stool". Last year, when we were down-sizing my Mom's house, Josh called me in a bit of a panic to ask "Where is the green stool? You aren't getting rid of it are you?" No chance of that. So, now the new generation of green stool sitters has begun. Some household treasures are just too important to get rid of!!   

Bring it on, 'cuz the new generation is upon us!!!
Thanks for checking in!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. I'd love to cross that gorge! And, the little history about the green stool is great. I had one of those moments yesterday when Jeff found two rocks in a box ..... The kids had brought them home from a hike when Jeff was about 7; one larger looks like the body of a duck sitting on her nest, the smaller, when place upon the larger, looks just like her head and bill. It was prominently displayed someplace in every abode I've lived in - along with all the artifacts I've collected in my travels, etc. Now it's gone to Jeff's house to live and will be available to continue its travels through the family.

    1. Thanks MP...see, you know what I mean!!

  2. Loved that hike. We have wanted to hike in that area before but just haven't had the time. I guess we will have to come visit you one day and have you as our local guides. Gus sure loved it. I love seeing all his beautiful smiles.