Monday, 29 July 2013

Another Birthday

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to our nephew, Brandon Bucholtz who officially turns 30 years old today!! We were invited to his party on Saturday and had a really great time visiting with everyone.  Uncle Doug & I will have a tequila shot in honour of your day Brandon!! Hope it was a great one!!

Here's a toast to you, Brandon!!!
On Sunday, July 28th, our dear friends, Bob and Danna, invited us and Josh, Kathy & Gus for brunch. Thank goodness they had lots of food because that Gus certainly eats a lot!! Didn't take many pictures but here is one of Bob giving him a ride. I know Gus doesn't look too happy but he really was having fun and laughing!!
Bob and Danna's kids were there. Carley (minus her hubby Graham, who was still up in Kelowna) Chris & his girlfriend, Jill and Bob's cousin, Debbie. Thanks again guys!! Food, as always, was terrific!! 
We finally made our way back to Nanaimo on Sunday after brunch. Wow, it really seemed like we were gone for a long time! Good thing any bills (which aren't many anymore) come on the computer or we would have a heck of a time getting reorganized!! I have to thank my sister, Susann, whose house our suite is in, for taking such great care of all my plants, inside and out. They are all thriving and will probably be begging soon for her green thumb to come back!!! Thanks again, sis!!!!!
Here's a picture of Felix, tagging along with Euri in the ferry line-up....
Today we are just doing the usual chores. Doug is working on Euri. The house battery that runs the fridge and the lights gave up the ghost awhile back so he is working on getting that fixed. Always something!!
Our daughter, Teagan and hubby, Shawn, are in Banff National Park for the next few days and were out hiking when they had a rather large friend show up. They weren't in any harms way luckily. I guess they and all the other hikers were corralled up on an observation deck, likely by rangers, and just watched. Such amazing animals. Just don't want to meet one close up!!
Wow...stay clear!!
Also, they became the proud owners of a VW Westfalia, Vanagon style. We were super excited for them. This VW has some important history to them as it was Shawn's Grandpa Rudy's van. He and Shawn were very close. Rudy passed away in 1995 so for Shawn and Teagan to have this van to continue Grandpa and Grandma's fun times camping will be so cool. I am sure Rudy is smiling down on them from out in the universe somewhere!!
 This is a real prize...only 107,500 original kms on it!!

They had it sent over to a local VW shop for a thorough "once over".
We are looking forward to being able to camp with them one day!!
Josh, Kathy and Gus went to see one of the lottery show homes today.
I think those boys look pretty comfy in those loungers, don't you??!!
Our friends and fellow travellers, Kevin & Ruth, are running a great contest on their blog. Check it out at It has to do with being able to join Harvest Hosts. It is an organization that allows travellers to stay at their wineries in their own RV's. There is a great website that explains their rules etc. Super great option for staying overnight. They are only in the US, unfortunately......
Hope you all have a great start to your week!!!
Cheers friends!!

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