Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Birthday and a giraffe...

First of all - Happy Birthday, July 8th, to Don Beglaw. Don is Doug's younger brother and my brother-in-law. You are awesome and we hope you had a great day because we had a great time spending the evening with you!!

Gus lends a hand to help wish his Great Uncle Don a Happy Birthday!!
Went out to Josh, Kathy & Gus' house today. Big kids had to run downtown so we volunteered to stay and enjoy Gus while they were busy. Always like to take advantage of being able to do that.....

 Did some teething on Euri's steering wheel...I mean driving!!!

You mean I am not supposed to chew on it???
Who knew!!

 My brother, Mark, gave this beautiful teddy to Josh when he was born. We named him Bob. The night Gus was born, I had Bob in the washer getting him "gussied" up to bring over!!
After they got back, we all headed up to Don & Diana's place for Don's birthday supper. Had a great time. Warm evening and lots of fun conversation....

 Don, with his grandson Mason, his son Brandon and Doug at Don's party...

 Really, he likes these!!

 Okay, that tickles!!

 Mason with Grandma Diana (our sister-in-law)
 Gus, Diana & Mason...Mason & Gus are 2nd cousins.
I am sure they will have lots of fun playing together soon enough!!

 Even Batman gets a bottle, once in a little while!

Josh, Kathy, Gus, Amanda, Don, Brandon & Doug.
Don & Diana's other son, Kyle, is living up in Frt St. John right now.
Amanda is Kyle's girlfriend.....  
Happy Day to Don!!
 Crazy Sophie the Giraffe...

 Pretty sure you were all wondering how I was going to work in the "giraffe" part, huh? These crazy things are quite the ultra soft, organic, good to chew on, super toys.
Gus loves his Sophie!!
G'night everyone!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Those are some dominant genes in Doug's family! He and his brother look alike; then there's Josh and Gus and .......
    "Fanny" is on the list of names - I'm beginning to think about waiting until I get going in her to make the final choice.

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  3. Hi John - Thanks for reading the blog. I prefer my blog not be used for random advertising purposes. Besides, Long Island, NY to the West Coast of Canada would be a pretty expensive limo charge!!