Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rainy Day in Nanaimo...

First and most important, tomorrow, June 26th is Josh & Kathy's (Gus' parents!!) 3rd anniversary!! Oh my, we can't believe they have been married for 3 years already!!

It was an amazing beach wedding, followed by an outdoor party at Kathy's mom & dad's acreage. It was, in a word, a perfect day!!

We love you guys and wish you a very, very HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERARY!!!

  Yup, they are pretty darn cute!!
The other day we were parked and came back to find a rather "large truck club" had parked on either side of us. Some people think Euri is big but I think this picture confirms that he is NOT!! I have to wonder if these monster trucks ever leave the pavement and I also wonder how much they cost to fill up!! Our van, at the last fill up here in Nanaimo cost us $96!!
Wow...we are pretty puny!!
It has, seemingly, rained off and on for the last few days here and while we appreciate the "green-ness" that is the West Coast of Canada, a bit of sun would be nice, especially since it is now past the longest day of the year and 4 days into our official summer!! Oh well, we went out for our walk anyway and rain it did....melt we did not!! 
...our tans are fading.
Hope you all have a great week and we will talk to you soon!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Happy Junuary! Summer is coming and we'll get some colour on our skin.

    Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

  2. Hey, thanks Peter and Shelagh! I know you have been following for awhile now and we really appreciate your input and comments!

    Funny, now we are following your brother's(?) blog. Doug and I are giving some very serious thought into switching our adventure for next winter to Ecuador!!! We just started reading the blog and since we just found it, we will be a few days getting into the "meat" of it. Looking forward to it!

    Keep your comments coming and thanks again for riding along!

    1. Sorry, guess it's not your brother, but we will enjoy Richnnancy's blog too!

  3. Rich has a brother on the coast, Bob, we have followed their blog for over 5 years I think. Check out Bob and Rox in Ecuador. Really nice people but have only done the email thing.many others have met them in person and are hugely impressed by their kindness and fun loving nature. We really thought at one time Ecuador could be a home for us possibly but over time the distance seems to great from Canada and the requirements are daunting for residencey. Mexico seems so much easier, food even better, six months to boot, the kids will visit etc, etc. Mow for our future home Peter is talking about the island, I lived on Gabriola for several months after relocating from Montreal, the only other thing is sailing our now gone boat near there. I am enjoying your outings on the island as well as a blog from Rick Doyle who share the love of his favourite walks. Anyhow we seem to be in the same mindset although a few years apart. Take care and we look forward to your summer adventures on the island.