Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nanaimo (Westwood Lake)

Our weather today was amazing!! Warm, beautiful sun and no wind!! So nice and yes, we made it to Westwood Lake for our 6 km walk. Love it because it's got some good elevation changes and it's so picturesque!! Check it out:

Yes, there were people swimming today!!


 Such beautiful pathways - towering cedars....
We could hear voices and couldn't find the source for a minute. Then we spotted these two guys IN the trees, jumping into the water!! Look at the thick tree on the right-hand side of the picture. Then look over 2 tree stumps and you will see one of the guys on the side of the tree, just above the mountain top line.......

Hope they checked for underwater tree snags!!

 Here goes the first one...

...and the second one!! 
Gotta love it when summer is nearly here!!

 The first wildlife we saw!!

 The really snaggy end of the lake

And a bit more wildlife!
Such a regal bird and the babies are so cute...
Westwood Lake is pretty interesting.
This little valley was flooded in 1907-08 to create the lake, as a hydro-electric power source. The dam is still here. It's said that an old farm is submerged beneath the waters at the south end. The sun-bleached old snags near the shoreline, remind us of the changes that took place a century ago.
Here's hoping you all had a great day!!
Cheers friends!!

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