Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nanaimo (Upcoming Repair)

Gotcha!! I bet you all thought that we were having something done with Euri, right?  Well, we are having Doug repaired!! Don't panic....

Some of you may not know this little detail, but last year we were 6 weeks late leaving for our first Mexico adventure as Doug's heart began to suffer from what is called "Atrial Flutter". Not a really a super emergency to fix. They told us, carry on until "it begins to impact your lifestyle". Well, about mid-April it began to impact his life, quite a bit.

Upon our return to Nanaimo, Doug booked himself into the hospital and we are pleased to say that he is scheduled for an ablation procedure (EPS study) to be done this Friday at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. He has to be the happiest patient in the cardiac ward in Nanaimo right now! Basically, if you have atrial flutter, it makes your heart feel like it is beating out of your chest. I guess, layman terms, it is like what people commonly think of as heart palpitations. But, it is caused by a "haywire" electrical impulse that is bouncing around in the heart and not doing what it is supposed to do. They go up through the groin (ouch!) and cauterize the naughty part. Normally it is about 95% effective on the first procedure. A small amount of people have to have it done one more time. We will just hope for the one-shot deal!!  

We will both be so happy when this is all done and he can get back to his usual, cheeky self!! Not that the pictures below don't look like he is his cheeky old self!

We just wanted to update everyone so you didn't think we had totally disappeared!! 
We are really looking forward to this weekend and celebrating Father's Day here, with our son, Josh and daughter-in-law Kathy AND the adorable Gus!!! Wow, just thinking that there could be lots of pictures!!
Oh, one other thing, many of you folks know and follow lots of the other blogs we do. You know how we have talked of Fiona the donkey at Hacienda Contreras? Well, she had a lovely little baby boy donkey on about Sunday!! We were so happy for the Contreras family!!
How exciting that is for them all! We all figured that she was pregnant. She was positively round as a barrel when we left in May. Don Quijotes is not the daddy, but he will be a great uncle!!. Apparently, she was pregnant when they got her this past January/February. Two donkeys for the price of one!! Now, the family will have to get busy naming him!!

How cute is this little guy?
Mommy Fiona and her new little boy...

I think maybe Andrea Contreras took this picture so I hope she won't mind us borrowing it, photo credit to her, of course!! 
Anyway, I will be spending the next two days at the hospital. Doug is whipping me at both crib and Scrabble. I think he has too much time on his hands and he is reading that Scrabble dictionary!!
Be well everyone and thanks for checking in with us!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Good luck Doug! Hope it's a one shot deal!

  2. Best of luck to our friend Doug. The baby is now officially Sancho, the "other man" in Don Quijotes adventures. Love yas.

  3. Good Luck, Doug! You will be back to normal before you know it!
    We will thinking of you Friday morning!
    Love you Lots
    Danna and Roberto

    1. Hugs to you guys and love to you both too!!

  4. Hey Doug and Nancy:
    Yes, I do remember that this palpitation thing was very bothersome for you Doug. Well, in one day it will be over!!! Prayers and good wishes for, like Kevin said, "a one shot deal!" Just think what all this extra practice at crib and Scrabble will do for both of you!!!
    As for Fiona's little darling, my suggestion for a boy's name is "Cervantes;" after the author of "Don Quixote." After all our very own Don Quixote is the proud uncle!
    Love you guys. Keep all chins UP! Hugs...mp

  5. Thanks MP. Like you said, soon he will be done with it!!

  6. Time for us to put in our two cents worth. We'll be cheering for you, too, Doug, way over here on the east coast. From tomorrow onwards, we hope the only cause for your heart to flutter is looking at that sweet wife of yours. Buena suerte, amigo, from both of us and a hug for Nancy, too!

    1. Paula - you are so sweet!! Everything went great and now he is receiving A+ care at home!!

  7. Heh! I just caught up to you (age wise) this week, so I don't want to be hearing this kind of thing. Although, now that I think about it, I do have aches and pains that I didn't used to have. Getting out of bed - let's just say there's no jumping any more.
    So yah, we are getting to a point where things are wearing out. I haven't been "Running..." for a few days, so just heard about your adventure. It's all over and done by now. Hope the first shot did the trick.

    1. Nice to hear from you cuz!! He is all good now!!