Monday, 3 June 2013

Nanaimo (Baby Bird)

Sorry to say that we never got to Westwood Lake this past weekend. We will go there and you will love the pictures of it. So pretty up there and best part is, it's only a 10 minute drive from here!!

On the weekend, we did go for a nice, long walk (5-6 kms) up in our area. The City of Nanaimo has put in a great walking/biking path that goes for miles along the old island highway and by the E&N railroad. Doesn't sound nice, but it really is. Just far enough off the highway that you can have the cars going by but they aren't really near you and you can still talk without interruption. I think more communities should look at this type of plan. Would get people out on their bikes more and helps when you are trying to do long walks!!

 Looks boring but it really isn't...

So pretty!!
So, today (Monday) on our walk, we were strolling along and what did Doug see but a little baby bird, in the middle of the road!! Not even anywhere near a tree, no other birds around. I took a few steps away from it, after having put it in the grassy area beside the road, when something just hit me. I can't leave this little thing here. I carried it home in my hand and it fit in my hand and I could still close my hand loosely. So tiny it was!! It was like it was tired from trying to get somewhere and was just laying in the road. 
There were no birds anywhere around.....just him. I think he got left behind. Can someone cue Disney/Pixar please? 
Once home, I called around to a few organizations and someone, rather quickly, called me back. Heidi from a rescue organization down in Metchosin (Victoria area) forwarded my call. Jackie was from the Salt Spring Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary. She instructed me to take the little guy to Island Vet , just down on Bowen Road, about 5 minutes away and they would send someone over to get it. Turns out that the vet checked the little guy and he is quite healthy and it is a baby quail. They located someone with a quail family on their property and were going to take it there. She said that orphaned baby quails don't do well when you try to look after them but if you can get them to another quail family, the mommy quail is very good about just bringing them into her family. Done and double done. Score one for the nice people at Island Vet and score another one for Jackie from the sanctuary for coordinating it. All this work just for a tiny, tiny little bird. It's a miracle that no one ran over it!!! Hope he does okay. Fly birdie, fly!!
I could actually loosely close my hand around it.
He was pretty comfy on the way home!

The world is yours little guy!!
So, we spent the rest of the day getting our patio set-up, after winter hibernation. Always gets us feeling very summery!! Just need a few bright red geraniums now and we are set!

 Come on down, we're home!!
Okay, okay....just one picture of Gus and his family
Hope you all had a GREAT start to your week! We'll talk soon!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Score one for you guys too, good job on the baby bird. Your patio is lovely, we may see you there one day. Love yas.

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  3. Hooray for you guys rescuing that precious little birdy! Awesome!