Saturday, 22 June 2013

Just a Saturday...

Not much new here. We took my mom up to Coombs. That makes two trips in one week!! She hasn't been up there for a long time so we enjoyed the walkabout!!

 Of course his name is Garfield!!!

 There are quite a few little shops up in Coombs. The typical collector and antique ones.
So much stuff!! But we did think that these beer pulls were pretty cool!!

 Tons of old carpentry tools and instruction books...

 Lots of garden shops and nice areas to walk around in... 


Once back at the house, we decided it was time to try to set up our "Add-A-Room" that we bought to replace our awning. As with any new tent-type of thing, there are lots of instructions and the only way to do it is to follow every step, carefully!!

 Okay, this looks like there is a l-o-n-g way to go!!

 A toast to the new tent...

 Sue comes by for a little visit with Doug....

 Hopefully, it will give us lots of extra room!

 Colour is a bit clashing with the van, don't you think??

Doug likes it!!
It does not seal tight against the van and it's not supposed to. We think it will work out just fine as it gives us lots of extra room and when we want to go somewhere, our gear can go in the tent and you zip up both ends and everything can stay inside until we get back!! We'll see. Jury is still a bit out there.... 
Hope you all had a great Saturday.
Cheers friends!!


  1. Hi guys:
    Wow, I'd never seen one before; looks like a great idea - maybe not for the Hacienda Contreras wind, right? But, for having a great place to stow things outside the Euro and also for that morning cuppa' and evening tipple it looks great.
    Read my blog today - I'm so excited - you'll see why!

    1. You are right about this HC winds! We would probably find it in town!

      We are super excited about your new "home"!! You will look cool driving that down the road!


  2. The add-a-room looks awesome! I hope to say salud in there one day soon!
    Sorry! Now I have to rush off to see what Mary Pat is so excited about! :o)