Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happy Monday, which was yesterday!

We have been doing lots of talking these past few weeks about how to do our travel time come this winter. Should we take Euri back down the Baja and go over on the ferry again? Should we take off for the Yucatan? Should we go further down the west coast? No easy answers. The other questions we have been asking is...."How about if we fly to Ecuador and just stay there for the whole winter time!!" We have been reading lot about Ecuador lately. It sounds really interesting and, like Mexico, sounds very economical. We get a publication called International Living.  It is really a good magazine and it also comes on line. There is lots about European living as well for those that are interested in that aspect. They also have loads of tips about investments, moving to foreign countries, etc. You can find them at www.InternationalLiving.com. We will keep you all posted on what our findings and plans are....of course!!!

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful weekend with Gus and his parents (...Kathy & Josh!!). We stayed pretty close to home, only venturing out to Coombs on Father's Day as Doug was supposed to keep a low profile after his heart procedure last week. Of course, we did what we were told and spent the time enjoying our family!!

Chillin' out time!!

I really like the downtown core of Nanaimo. It is just like a cute, little small town. We headed out to the Modern Café for lunch and then it was off to the Duke Point ferry for the kids.


  May as well start him off early with the foot shots!!
That was it for us. Sorry for the late post! Hope everyone has a great week and we will catch up with you!!


  1. So glad to actually SEE that Doug's doing well. I really need to TALK with you guys - about travel, adventures and life in general. I'm going to look for your email address - now where is it???
    I was so sad to hear about Sal and Barb selling HC. Boo Hoo. I'm getting the house ready to rent so I can take off - hopefully north to Canada and then east through Canada. I'd love to get to the East Coast by the time the leaves do their thing. then, from there - I just don't know. I have been to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands - I can give you some info too. Hugs

  2. Ahh ... it seems I was a little too hasty with my last comments.