Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I imagine that by the time you all read this, Father's Day will be done. I consider myself extremely fortunate. I had an amazing father, Leslie P. Tamas. He taught us strength, integrity and much love. I miss him everyday, still. I had a wonderful father-in-law, Arnold C. Beglaw. A spirited, fun-loving man, miss him too, always. I have been doubly blessed to have my Doug. Father to my two wonderful children and the BEST Dad a girl could hope to have. I can't thank him enough for a lifetime of love. Now to watch my son, Josh, being an amazing father to our little Gus. I just don't think it can get any better.

My humblest thanks to all these important men in my life. I love you all...

Josh, Gus and Doug 

 Grandpa Doug and Gus

 Josh and Gus - Happy first Father's Day!!
(Photo credit to my lovely daughter-in-law, Kathy!!!)
We had a great day. Lazed around this morning and had a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then we headed up to Coombs. It is a neat shopping area about 30 minutes north of Nanaimo. If any of you has travelled through this area, this market is commonly know as "Goats on the Roof". Here's why...
 See Mr. Goat...on the roof? 

 Gotta love who ever had this bright idea!!
Anyway, it is a neat place to shop. Lots of artsy, craftsy things in quite a few shops and neat to walk around. Check it out...
 Strange, random marble carvings.... 


 I know, just weird signs.....

 Probably all came from Mexico!!!

 There is something for everyone here....

 A tired little shopper....
(...oh, and Gus is tired too!!)

 Hanging out in the marketplace restaurant...

 I love my mommy...

 Okay, okay, so I am a push-over for a puppet, especially a Haida G'waii octopus....

 ...and Gus loved it too. He positively belly laughed at it!!

 Back at home, it was time for a nap on Grandpa & Grandma's cushy bed...

Father's Day party people: Lacey, Doug, Kathy, Josh & Susann 

 Lacey and her 2nd cousin, Gus...

 They had lots of fun together!!

So, that was our day. Super fun. Tomorrow we are heading downtown for breakfast at one of the local diners. Looking forward to that!! 
Once again, just to thank everyone for the great notes and emails wishing Doug a speedy recovery. So nice to know everyone cares. We love our family and friends!! He is feeling pretty darn great. We will assume that it is a one-shot fix and we won't need to see the inside of those hospitals again. The staff were great but we hope we don't see them again!!
Cheers friends and Happy Father's Day!!


  1. Gus is just too cute, and what a happy little guy he is.

    I remember the "goats on the roof". It's been many, many years but yes that is an interesting place. I can't believe it is still there and still running. Looks like it was a fun place to spend the day out at.

    Glad to hear that Doug is doing well. Miss you guys!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes for Doug. He is doing great. Must be the good care he gets at home!!

      You are right, Goats on the Roof is so much fun in Coombs BC!

  2. What a lovely Father's Day - Happiness to Doug and Josh and all. That shopping center is one I won't want to miss when I get into my Canada adventure - hopefully sooner rather than later. You guys are the greatest and I LOVE your blog entries, Nancy.
    Gus is more adorable every time we see his photo - and what a historical record of his life! I surely wish we'd had such photo capability when my kids were growing up - in the now Dark Ages!

    1. Thanks MP! We will get you up to Coombs and Tofino (surf capital). Can hardly wait til you get here!! We loved our weekend with Gus and his parents!!

  3. Oh, and Nancy, I forgot to mention that you should show Lacey a photo of her 'namesake,' Lacy from my blog the other day. Tell her I've spelled the name both ways!

  4. You guys had a great day! We are so glad Doug is doing so well! Three generations for Father's Day......How Great! That Gus is so cute!

    See you soon!
    Danna and Roberto

    1. Thanks guys - we will see you in a few weeks!!

  5. Doug
    What were you thinking? You could have milked this (hospital) adventure for days. Lots of sympathy ... breakfast in bed ... no chores. A missed opportunity.