Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hangin' out and a birthday

First, a VERY Happy Birthday to Rick Beatty!!!!
Rick is our daughter-in-law, Kathy's, dad. Not only is he our "in-law" but he and Mel (Kathy's mom) have also become our friends. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. We could not have imagined such wonderful people to welcome our son, Josh, into their family and us as well!! (Plus, they really enjoy a good tequila shot with us!!)
Also, a little known fact is that Rick and I were born one day apart in the same hospital in North Vancouver! That means that his Mom and my Mom were in the hospital together and that hospital wasn't very big so they must have seen each other. Who could imagine that 50 years later we would be related??!! We were destined to be family right from the start!!!
So Rick - here's to you on your special day!!!

Yesterday, we went down to one of the local parks to see our niece, Lacey, put her "milk carton" boat in the annual boat race. The great program, Claytree Society, that she is involved in, has all the clients doing fun and amazing things throughout the week. This year, her boat was in the second place grouping! We were pretty happy for her! 

Lots of participants and people out watching the race!!

Uncle Doug shows off Lacey's 2nd place boat
(along with the other 2nd placers too!)

 Lunch break time with our very own milk carton boat engineer!!
After that stop over, we headed up to Courtenay (about 1 hour north of Nanaimo) to pick up an Igloo car cooler. It is one of those 12V things that plugs in (like my crock pot!). It will just be nice to have the extra room for cooling drinks since our little fridge in Euri isn't too big. Don't worry, I won't show you pictures of the pop cooling.....but I will show you this cool little cloud on the horizon on our way back! All the road signs said to watch for elk for some 24 kms.....but they lied - no elk to be seen, just this cool cloud!! elk on the road!!
Anyway - that's it for now!! Thanks for coming by. I know, life is not so exciting when we aren't travelling far, but we hope you keep on checking with us!! No, we never got that Tofino trip in due to Doug's procedure, but we will get there and elsewhere, promise!!


  1. So does that mean that today is your birthday or did I miss it on Tuesday. Either way Happy Happy Day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Nancy! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and that Lacey's milk carton boat did so well. Kevin and I both said that the government could save a lot of money by not putting up those signs. We don't see any deer, elk, moose or bear. I think once those signs go up the animals say there goes the neighbourhood lets move on to somewhere else!