Thursday, 20 June 2013

Another Birthday!

Well, we have another birthday.....and it's mine! (ha ha ha)

A big thank-you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It's so nice to know you are all out there!! We had a great day. It started out with Doug asking me what I wanted for my birthday breakfast. I told him the regular, oatmeal. He was aghast!! Not oatmeal on your birthday!! He then left and came back a little while later with fresh cinnamon buns from Cobbs Bakery. Such a great treat!! He takes good care of me - no wonder I love him so much!!

A big shout out to our friends, Paula and Jerry in Nova Scotia. They made a birthday sign for me!! So nice of them - thanks guys!!

Next, it was a great pub lunch at the Fox & Hounds (
My Mom, Nadyne and my sister, Sue came as well. We had a great time. Check out their website and if you are in Nanaimo come on by and try the Baked Seafood Pie-amazing!!

 It's a super cute little old house - nice phone booth out front!!

 Here's our party corner!

Nice, new island type of cider - yummmm!!
My Mom makes Heavenly Pie for everyone's birthday. It is a super special pie made with two layers of meringue instead of cake and then layered with whipped cream
with crushed peanut brittle. And for gluten allergy people - it's gluten free!!
Super top secret recipe and ONLY Mom has it!! We love it!!!
Well, that was a GREAT birthday and I so appreciate everyone's good wishes!! Loved, loved, loved talking to my kids and all our family. But, my special thanks go to Doug, who always takes good care of me!!


  1. So glad that you had a great day, although I didn't expect anything else from you two, you always have a good time.

    Love the sign Paula and Jerry made, so neat that they thought of making one for you for a change.

    Your pie looks delicious!


  2. Thanks guys! Sign was amazing and I am stealing her idea of using the white board instead of paper! My mom's heavenly pie is incredible....and gluten free!!!

    Take care - great news on your contest win!!!

  3. A day late, but heartfelt just the same ... Happy Birthday!
    I guess it was Doug's turn to do the pampering.

    1. Thanks Dale - Doug always spoils me!!

  4. Just getting to read blogs now - happy happy happiest BD ever, Nancy. Love Paula and Jerry's sign and your birthday was in addition to Kevin and Ruth winning the trip to Namibia. Wow. Great day. Tomorrow morning I'm going to look at a Fleetwood Flair - much like Renate's. I'll have news later. I'm excited but know I have to do diligence and not just jump in without being very business-woman like to make sure sure (that's double sure) it's the right choice for me. I've been emailing questions to Renate and she's already out adventuring after her trip to Germany. I'm already getting antsy to get going - somewhere! love you guys ... mp June 21st - great day for a birthday

    1. Thanks MP - It was a great day. Keep us posted on your motor home hunt (or non-hunt!!)

  5. Oops - just realized it was yesterday - the longest day of the year. Happy BD - a day late!

  6. Nancy, our sign didn't hold a candle to the beauty of a sign you made for me on my birthday. As a primary-one teacher, I did so much colouring in my day that I really did appreciate all your hard work! It's also the reason that I've come to love the whiteboard! It also works well at the end of the driveway when we are welcoming guests.
    Glad you had such a great day! xo

    1. You are the most kindest of kind Paula! We will be sure to give you notice if we get out your way so you can do a sign at the end of your driveway!