Thursday, 9 May 2013

VdJ (Day 64): Last full day!!

Word of the Day: La preparación (La prep-ara-cee-on)

Well, it has finally arrived, our last full day! We can hardly believe it is here(or was here!). Sadly, a good part of the day was spent getting everything BACK into the van. Now, this is no easy feat and you will see why on tomorrow's post!! We did, however, get a small trip into town to see what was happening for festival preparations.

 This is Nelson and he is about 10 years old. Remember yesterday's post, the first carriage that came by with Sandra (Chema's daughter in it?) with the patron saint, San Pascal on it. Well, this is the horse. He is a miniature horse. Sandra shows us how she is teaching him to lift his feet. No, she is not smacking him, she is just touching the back of his leg...

 Vendors getting set up....

 The rangers are coming into town.....

 The supports are done a little differently here!!

 Now, he is tired from setting up all those supports!!

Almost all set up in the town square for LOTS of partying over the next week!! 

This afternoon, we spent it amongst friends, that's the best kind of afternoon. We invited Barb and Sal over for dinner. Bob and Danna made the salad and rice pilaf and Doug did the grilling. I, on the other hand, did nothing....say no more!! 

Sitting around enjoying ourselves!!
 Mr. Grill Master Extraordinaire!!

Dinner is served!!
(Clockwise from the left) Danna, Doug, me, Sal & Barb

Hacienda Contreras has many campers, that over the years, keep returning. Some of them liked using the same spot, time and time again. Barb and Sal started a program whereby a "regular" camper could pick out their favourite spot (of the normal marked out ones) and pay to have a pad/patio area poured in cement. Then Barb and Sal provide two lovely brick planter gardens that the campers pay themselves to fill with flowers and or shrubs. You can put in whatever you wish. Apparently roses are popular...I went around and took pictures of some of the roses here on the property. Some are just now coming into bloom and they are gorgeous. They get so much sun here (...go figure!!) and they flourish!! Too bad most of the campers have gone home already and don't get to see the fruits of their labours. We enjoyed them though!! I will take some pictures of the patio area tomorrow and show you. 

I had some company on the way. Oliver decided to come with me.....

 Danna REALLY wants to bring him home!!

 Come on little guy, keep on going!!


 This is my favourite - it's in Pete and Madeleine's garden!!

Fooled you, didn't I? Not a rose!!! You have seen this before. This is the fiesta tree. It has been the site of many great parties and we look forward to spending party time under it next year!! Sal's Grandpa planted it more than 50 years ago, it's a eucalyptus tree. This picture does not really, accurately, show you how huge it is. Sal told us his Grandpa used to put a fence of barbed wire around it so the cows wouldn't eat it, that's why some of the branches reach so far out!!

Well, that was the last full day here. I will write more about our experiences and our wonderful hosts in another post. Somehow, just getting ready to say goodbye makes it harder to put your thoughts together.....

So for one last time this year, goodnight from the lovely Hacienda Contreras. We will miss it but even more, we will miss Barb and Sal......we just can't find words to thank you both enough. A million times over, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. A million your welcomes! Having people like you make our job fun, especially when they cook....Where's the Danna and Don Quijote picture?

  2. We know exactly how you feel when you have to leave Hacienda Contreras and Barb and Sal. Words just can't describe the feelings. Loved your pictures of the roses and of Olive and of everyone around the dinner table!