Wednesday, 8 May 2013

VdJ (Day 63): Town Fiesta

Word of the Day: La puesta del sol (La poo-esta del soul)

First, I wanted to show you all the sunset from last night. It was pretty beautiful!!

 Our trailer, on the left.
The road heading down to the back of the property, on the right...

Kevin & Ruth - This is for you. Sherman is doing well!!
Also, last night, we enjoyed an evening of Mexican Train Dominoes and some fun with the kitties. As you know, Danna has named them all...but, we thought Butterscotch should have a little more manly name, so she thought up Oliver. It suits him.......
 Oliver (previously Butterscotch....)

 Danna wants to bring Oliver home...

 Oliver almost falling asleep with Doug.....
Below, (L) Bandit and (R) Chip his brothers.....


We started off this morning with a trip to a little town about 15 minutes away called San Jose del Gracia. It is a bit bigger than Valle and is also a very pretty little town.
 Euri, looking majestic, don't you think?? (I mean, the town square is nice too, but still...)

 Bob and Danna, pre-ice cream (I think they look hungry, don't you agree?) 

Not us, we are always just this goofy..... 

Gotta have paletas and ice cream....
Today is the beginning of Valle de Juarez's town festival. They have a patron saint, San Pascal, who keeps a watchful eye on everyone here. I wish we had saints looking after our towns in Canada. Anyway, we were invited, just down the street, to a calbagato y comida (cowboy celebration and lunch) and boy, what a time we had!!!
 First, the hat man and his son arrive.
Just in case any cowboys out there forgot (...gasp!!) their hats!
That would be like forgetting your underwear, I imagine!!

 This young fellow was pretty good with that lasso!

 The trusty, ever present, ever smiling, town paramedics, ready to help.....

 Just some party people I know. These people will go ANYWHERE for a good time!!
 Hat...I know, pretty self-explanatory but I just had to say it....

 Chema and his helper. Remember Chema, Sal's cousin with the carnita stand and the restaurant in town. Seems he is always helping out at these things.
Now, at these things there is usually a priest who does a type of mass and blesses things like the cowboys and horses. I found it interesting that they did a blessing of the hats. Not sure of the history of that but we found it interesting, nonetheless... 

 You can see how the hats are laid out in a cross....

In the next pasture, all the horses were tied up. Now, this horse, I think, must have been the "King Pin" horse. See how he is all by himself, looking out over everyone?
Pretty sure that if he wanted to leave that spot, that little spindly tree he was tied to
would have gone with him.....just thinkin'....

Thank goodness, the band (and the ever present tuba player) arrived, right on time!!
Oh, and don't worry, they keep well hydrated!!!
So, we all gathered in the top area and had a great, traditional dinner.and lots of tequila and Squirt or Coca Cola were on hand. So nice that the owner invited us too!!
 Even "el jeffe", the owner of Taquiera GM, where we get our tacos was there!!
This little family sat across from us. This little guy, Alejandro (he had another first name but we can't remember it...) is so cute. Check him out below, when Mommy gets his real spurs and chaps on so he can ride with his Daddy in the parade. 

Yup, the girls are gonna L-O-V-E this little guy!!!
So, after this it was off to town to sit and watch the parade of all these horses and cowboys, riding into town to "kick-start", no pun intended, the festival...(but that was pretty, good, wasn't it??) I cannot possibly show you ALL the horse and rider combinations but we will show you some...

 Okay, notice anything funny? These are the guys walking along setting off the fireworks. Guess he uses his cigarette to light them. Saves on matches!!!

 Chema's beautiful daughter, Sandra, in her carriage with the homage to San Pascal.
She is in the lead of the parade, like a parade marshal!!

 You've heard of training wheels, right??

Check this bad boy out!! A Brahma bull. That's right!! Being ridden like a horse, just as calm as can be. When the cowboy saw me taking a picture, he stopped and had the
bull turn his head to look at us!!!

 There were several hundred horse and riders....pretty impressive, huh?

 Not a great picture, but here is little Alejandro and his daddy!!

 ...and just LOOK at those Friesen horses, ladies!!

Ladies of Hacienda Contreras, this is the END of the parade and this is for you all! Yes, Ruben is alive and well and still up that a horse he is on??????? 
Doug was quite pleased because this time I got the horses legs in the picture too!!
We will catch some of the town festival tomorrow, in between packing, of course. It is hard to believe things are wrapping up here for us and Bob and Danna too!! Not sure how many more ways we can possibly thank Barb and Sal enough for their hospitality. 
Sorry for SO many pictures, but, they are fun, aren't they??
Cheers and good night friends!!


  1. Thanks for the pic of Sherman. We are missing him....and all of you too!

  2. What a great blog, Nancy. It made me want to be there SOOOO badly! Love the pictures and what a PERFECT ending!!! Gracias, amiga. I have to admit, I was wondering if Ruben would include his beautiful self...oops....I mean the parade. What a great way to end your time in V de J. Saludos a todos!