Tuesday, 7 May 2013

VdJ (Day 62): Lunch and Schedules

Word of the Day: El jardin (El jhar-deen)

We headed into lunch at El Troquero Restaurant today. It is a great little spot in town. One of those places that, if you just walk by, you would never see the beautiful garden courtyard in the back. But, the food is amazing. They bring you so many appetizers that you have to wonder why you ordered that Coconut Shrimp after all!!!

Through those back doors lies the lovely garden...

 I know, told you so!!

 Me and my eating possee...

 Many different areas to sit and enjoy amazing food!!!

 Lots of interesting things to look at in the garden and inside!!
Now, onto our schedule. This is what we have arranged, finally.....We will be leaving Hacienda Contreras on Friday, May 10th. We will drive to Guadalajara, which is only 2.5 hours away and stay in the Hotel Frances again. Remember when we stayed there with Doug's sister, Diane, at the end of March? We loved it and we hope that Bob and Danna love it too. On Monday, May 13th, Bob and Danna fly home to Canada (cheaters...) and we start driving back to Canada. Our drive will take us up the toll highway to, we hope, San Blas on the ocean, to check that out. After that, probably Guasauve for an overnight stay at a motel and then onto San Carlos, where we started our time in Mexico with Al and Colleen. We hope to take some time to enjoy San Blas and San Carlos again. One more bit of beach time. From there, we will cross at Nogales, AZ. and trek over to the California coast to Los Osis to pick up a few things for our Euri van. We will zip up the I-5 to Redding, CA (north) and will, if the weather looks good, head over to the coast. We are hoping to camp through some of the lovely state parks in Northern California and Oregon. Again, always subject to slight tweeking but we think we have nailed it down. Should be back in Vancouver area during the first week of June.
Seems a bit surreal really. When we left Vancouver it was January 23rd, it seemed so far away before we had to think about heading home, I mean nearly 4 months has gone by!!! If you have followed the blog, you will know what an amazing time we have had and what amazing people we have met!!!
So that's it for today. Our brains are sore from all the planning. We still have a few more days to enjoy HC and enjoy we will. We have a lunch tomorrow, just down the highway (no, not ON the highway - that would be road kill!!). It is something to do with a "show and Shine" only for the cowboys and their horses - he with the best saddle and horse wins!! You know I will have lots of pictures of that. Then, there will be a little snippet of the town's fiesta. Sadly, we will miss most of it, but we will enjoy whatever we can!!
Cheers friends, hasta manana!! 
I know, a bit of a surprize "ending" with Gus, just for you all!! 
Yup, gorgeous, I know it!!!

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  1. When you leave Mexico, that means we finally have to say goodbye, too! :o( You have kept it alive for us for over a month now and a wonderful job you have done. Gracias, amiga! Enjoy your last days at HC. They are always so bittersweet . . . Safe and fun-filled travels as you mosey your way home. And, yes, Gus really is a little cutie pie! What a reward at the end of your long journey! Abrazos a todos.