Monday, 6 May 2013

VdJ (Day 61): Laundry & Tacos

Word of the Daylavar la ropa (lavaar la rope-a)
                               do the laundry 

Why is it that the dirty clothes seem twice as many when you get back from a little holiday than if you just stayed put?? Seems to go on forever but at least we are hanging them out in the warm/hot sun to dry and it doesn't take too long!!

Danna and Bob were back to Dr. Lissett Gomez for their check-ups and cleanings and for Danna's completion of her root canal. Boy, was she in good hands with Dr. Lissett. For all you "nay-sayers" out there.....don't judge until you have been to Dr. Lissett!! She is an amazing woman, and a root canal specialist. (We had a lovely ICU nurse staying here with us for awhile last month. She was extremely pleased and impressed with the cleanliness and spotlessness of the office, right Joanne?) Most important to us, was that Danna and Bob were extremely pleased with the results. How often have you seen someone come out of a root canal with a smile on their face and then want to go out for lunch (and it was her front tooth too!!!) We are so glad their experience was as great as ours was (remember my crown??) Yeah for Dr. Lissett Gomez!!

However, even better than a root canal is the lunch visit to Taqueria GM, situated right by the PEMEX station. Now, I know it doesn't sound or look like a wonderful lunch spot, but it is. Once you can find these little treasure spots and enjoy lunch with the locals, only then can you say you can dine with the best of the Mexicans!!

 Does this look like a root canal patient???
(...not Bob!!!!!!)

Back in the kitchen, veggie prep goes on as usual. ALWAYS wash your veggies in soap and water and then rinse (OR use iodine or Microdyn or any veggie wash solution usually found in most supermarket fruit/veggie departments). I won't lie, I hate this part of my day but I love salads so it has to be done!!!

 Oatmeal coconut drop cookies...
These will go nicely with whatever Chef Bortolin is whipping up tonight!!
Most people who have been to Hacienda Contreras will recognize this area as the "Happy Hour" area. Well, see what happens when you ALL leave????
It turns into Doug's van washing area!! But that Euri looks darn fine!!
Hope all our family and friends had great days today. Happy Birthday wishes, again, to my brother Mark and niece Stephanie. (See yesterday's post for photos....)
This picture is of our son, playing in the yard with his son! Really, some of these shots are too much for, love, love you guys!!!!

Superman and his Daddy....
Cheers friends!!

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