Friday, 10 May 2013

Valle de Juarez to Guadalajara

Word of the Day: Regresan pronto (ree-gres-san pronto)
                              Return soon.....

So, just a little recap from last night. What I did not put on my blog was that Sal and Barb graciously brought the donkeys home so Danna could fulfill a long time dream of hers and that was to ride a donkey. What better place to do this than at Hacienda Contreras and with Don Quijote......

 First, you have to go down the road to the other pasture to get the donkeys...

 He is such a lovely boy, that Don Quijote! And look at that new saddle!!.

 Last minute instructions on how to get up on the donkey...

 ...and she's off!!

I could say something here....but I won't!! 

Danna was happy!!!
So, onto today!! Alert the media as we actually saw the sun rise this morning!! Well, it helped that I set my alarm clock!! We just had more packing to do so we figured that we had better get at it. Goal is to leave by 12 pm today!!

 As promised, at look at one of the patio pads that were poured.
This is Pete and Madeleine's. You park beside the patio.....

 Our fearless leader, Barb, in the watering "mule". See the big tank on the back?

 One more look at our place....

Pretty nice place for our 4 months here, huh?

 Okay, now this is how we will travel to Guadalajara. We have lots of stuff and we
also have Bob and Danna's luggage on board too!! Ha ha ha!!

 Return soon...we will!!

...don't worry guys, we will be back soon!!
Barb and Sal - you are the B-E-S-T!!! 
We are always sorry to leave Hacienda Contreras. If you haven't figured out by now, it's Barb and Sal that make this place what it is. As is so often the way, it's the people you meet along the way and the love and care that they give you that make your life worthwhile!! Thanks Barb and know how we feel!!
Three hours later, Euri was parked up at the Guadalajara airport and we were on our way to the Hotel Frances. We decided to park there since there isn't any easy, parking downtown and certainly none at this hotel. Really, it's a better spot as it give us quicker access to getting out of the city on Monday morning. If anyone is down there, can you check on Euri for us??!!
Love, love this city. Such a vibrant, historic district. So much to see. We had a few hours to walk around this afternoon. Of course, that includes some lunch and something to drink...  

Our friends, Danna and Bob...

 Quick dip anyone??
 Bit of dancing...

 Bob, going for that perfect shot!!
 What the......???

Those little red umbrellas on the bottom right corner of this building are where we
had lunch.
Lunch view, overlooking Liberacion Plaza...

Huge church at the main square.
Sorry, I can't remember the name but I will find out tomorrow!!


Strange, these cats live on the centre part of this monument. Like they know no doggies can get at them!! And people, as you can see, feed them!!

 We will ride one of these tomorrow or Sunday. Right now, they are clip clopping past our hotel. Love that sound!! (I probably told you that back in March, when we were last here!!)

Oscar cleans Doug's Sketchers....

 And they turned out looking brand new!!!
Drinks in the bar at the hotel.
Yes, Umberto the great bartender is still here!!

Nice little room!!

View to Liberacion Plaza
At 9 pm they were having a mariachi band play downstairs. We sat for awhile and enjoyed the music. The main singer tried to get Doug to sing a few lines of a song......"sorry, no hablo espanol!!"
 View down into the bar area from our level...

You know who.....

 Doug, in front of the Governor's Palace, with his best scary face!!

Then we saw something really neat, right outside our hotel.Tourism Guadalajara does a bike tour every Friday night at this time of year. There is a police car in front of the riders with guides and one behind (and the ever present paramedics, just in case). Looks pretty neat. It takes 2.5 hours. Everyone stays together as a group. There were lots of riders!! Love to try it another time!!   

See you next year!!
Wow - what a first day here. I think Bob and Danna like it here too!! Tomorrow we have lots planned so stay tuned!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. What a beautiful city. You have fun everywhere you go. Love your pics and stories

    1. Thanks Jan - we are hoping folks enjoy them!! Glad you could ride along with us!!

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