Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tuscon AZ to Palm Springs CA

Since we are out of Mexico, I will cease to publish my "Word of the Day". It was fun, wasn't it? Now, once I get home, I will actually work on my Spanish properly and, with any hope, do a better job once we return to Mexico. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

You know what travel day pictures are like, but here goes anyway. We left North Tuscon this morning. The temperature was quite pleasant, about 28 degrees C. (or 86 F.) It does amaze me how busy this corridor is, even for a Saturday morning. At times, there were 6 lanes, in each direction. Incredible....

 Picacho Peak, south of Phoenix

 Starting to go through the outer Phoenix area

 Tunnels - the only cool place today!!

North of Phoenix now....signs shows the lane for Los Angeles...
 Arizona has nice rest stops....

The constant line of trucks was unbelievable! There were
hundreds of them, all heading east. We also had lots heading west...
 This is what you do when boredom sets in.... 

 Such a harsh landscape...
Not sure why I thought this was a funny sign, but I did!!
 This picture is for Colleen - I know how you liked Quartzsite!!

 See, even the cacti, above, cannot survive!!
Yup, this is what 40 degrees looks like - HOT!!!
The funniest thing I saw was a road sign that said.....STATE PRISON, NEXT EXIT and underneath that another sign was added, like an after thought: Do Not Pick-Up Hitchhikers. I mean, really? Is it such a problem with prisoners escaping that we need to warn people not to pick up the guys wearing orange jumpsuits (or black and white striped ones for that matter)???  We laughed out loud!!
So tonight we are at a Quality Inn in Palm Springs, CA. Yes, it is hot, hot and more hot. Even for Doug and I, who love the heat, it is too hot. I mean, when it is 38 to 40 degrees C. (that's 96 to 110 degrees F.) it's just too hot, period!!! Very nice spot and there is a pool full of really happy little boys, who are from L.A. and are in a basketball tournament:

Tomorrow we will be in Los Osos, CA, picking up the things we ordered for the van. Their office is closed  until Monday morning but they allow people to boondock in their parking lot...and they have a great bathroom!!
So, more road pictures tomorrow!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. hI Guys:
    You traveling exactly where I was a little over a week ago! Yes, I saw the sign(s) for the prison - and I certainly didn't pick up any hitchhikers! Yes, dear, it is hot in Arizona and California. Right now in Northern California it's really nice - Cottonwood - south of Redding - it was about 80 high today. But, that' won't keep up for long; we'll be over 100 every single day very soon!!! i'm enjoying Jeff and Alice and my granddaughters; tomorrow were going boating and tubing at Whiskeytown Lake - only about 40 minutes from here. I'll have photos on my blog soon. Keep safe and COOL!

    1. Well, you know how we like the heat...but this is incredible!! We definitely want a picture of YOU tubing, with your hair flying all over! Have fun!!!