Friday, 17 May 2013

San Carlos to Tuscon AZ

Word of the Day: Mas o Menos (Mass o Main-os)
                             More or less

We left San Carlos this morning at 8:15 am. It is a long but easy drive for 4-1/2 hours up to the Nogales AZ border. Here are a few pictures along the way. Doug took these while I was taking my two hour driving stint:

 Ever wonder where all that beautiful fruit comes from?
I think these are Del Monte grape fields.

 Beautiful copper pots for sale, not far from the border. Wish I had room!!

Here is the famous KM 21, where you return your vehicle Import Permit. Remember, we picked this up, across the street on our way down. It costs about $50 US. The young lady (below) checks your paperwork, takes a photo of your VIN number again and then crawls in and scrapes off the sticker. This proves to the Mexican government that you have left WITH your vehicle. I believe, years ago, that they had lots of problems with people bringing cars down (likely crappy ones) and leaving them in Mexico. It's a good program. 

 About 1-1/2 kms of trucks waiting to clear and come into the US, 2 lanes wide!!

 Hello U.S.A.!!!

 Hello Tuscon, AZ


 Hello Doug, at the Days Inn, just north of Tuscon, AZ 

 Our room, with a view of sorts....
So, it was going to be about $40 US to camp at De Anza RV Park, about 1 hour further back down the highway. It was over 90 degrees F and the desert wind was absolutely howling. We decided to press on. We opted for the Days Inn, just north of Tuscon for $62 US including taxes and breakfast. We think it was a good decision.
Tomorrow we will be heading for Indio, CA. at least that's the plan, more or less. After that, it's into Los Osos, CA to pick up a few new things for our Euri van. They allow us to stay overnight (boondock) in their nice parking lot. AND, they have great bathrooms!! Once we have those on board, on Monday morning, we are heading to Capitola to stay overnight with our great friends, Mike and Kathy. From there, we think it will be about Medford, OR. We will see how things go and how the weather is after that......
I have not, as yet, put my thoughts together on our Mexico time. There is always so much to think about, so many people to mention that made our time very memorable. I will get to that soon, don't worry. We are happy to be on our way home to Canada and family and friends but sad to leave Mexico many emotions to sort out.
We can't say enough times how great the Mexico Camping books are by Mike and Terri Church: Check out their website for more of their books!!

You just simply should not be in Mexico without them. We think that they should be available for purchase at the border!! Thanks to their extensive research and amazing details, we have found that our travels have been so enjoyable. We are always amazed when we bump into someone that does not (...gasp!!) have their book!! There is a whole section that tells a traveller exactly what to do when entering Mexico and when returning to the US. Which borders are best for different situations, etc.

So, here's to Mike and Terri Church - a toast to you both for making things SO easy for us travellers!!  Thanks for every enjoyable moment we have had the privilege of spending with you both!!!

Talk to you all soon...
Cheers friends!! 

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