Thursday, 16 May 2013

San Carlos (Day 2)

Word of the DayRegresar (Ree-gres-are)

Today we spent the day recovering from the drive of yesterday! I know, pretty sad, huh? Woke up to (surprize) beautiful, blue skies once again. We are almost afraid to leave as we are pretty sure this will not be the case in the coming months!! That's okay though because we are ready to come back and see family and friends and that, in itself, is pretty darn exciting!!

First though, some last few photos of San Carlos and this nice park. Joseph , the owner, does a really nice job here.  Laundry on site, fast Wi-Fi and the bathrooms are really clean. Thanks so much, Joseph and Totonaka RV Park!!

Euri looks a little lonely and small here. Only one other camper.
The rest you see are trailers that are being stored...


 Pool area

 So crowded!!!

 Really nice palapa party area

 Mr. Fish...

 ...with Mrs. Fish

Went for a little bike ride this afternoon. Really enjoy this town and we rode out to the marina and back. Probably about 4 kms in total. Not too much but saw lots of really beautiful boats!!
 Road into the marina

 The landscape is so very much like the Baja - moon like!!

 Dinner with a view!!

 Doug and his steaming molcajete with seafood

My shrimp enchilladas
Road out front...
...and from us to you all.
That's it for another Mexico adventure!!!
Well, that really is a wrap!! We arrived here in Mexico on January 30th and now we will be out on May 17th. It has been another year of adventure, of seeing new things and meeting more new people. Wow - we are very lucky to be able to do this!! However, it does come at a cost. We miss our family, our beautiful new grandson, Gus and all our great friends. That is why we are looking forward to returning to Canada!! San Carlos is about 4.5 hours from the border at Nogales, AZ. Should be an easy drive tomorrow!!
We will see what kind of travel schedule we come up with. Don't worry, we will keep you all informed!! U.S.A. - here we come!!!
Just in case you do not see a posting tomorrow, it will be because we do not have internet. We are thinking of going to a state park about 11 miles from Nogales. We will see what happens!!! 
Cheers friends!!


  1. Sorry to see you leaving Mexico, I've really enjoyed following along on your blog. We'll be down in San Carlos in 2 weeks. Bummer to have missed you. Have a safe trip back to Canada. Grace (in Tucson)

    1. Gee Grace, sorry to have missed you. Would have been great to meet you. Hope you are going to Totonaka RV Park. Joseph is great and so is the pool!!!

      Thanks for following the blog. I hope we can keep you interested in it when we return to Canada. Should still be lots of travelling!!

      Have fun down there!!

  2. Glad to hear about San Carlos' nice RV park. If I go south that route next year I'll plan to stay there. Pictures are beautiful, if a little lonely. When do you plan to be home in BC?

    1. It is, indeed, a great park and Joseph, the owner, is so nice! We plan to be back in BC around Friday, next week!!!