Sunday, 19 May 2013

Palm Springs to Los Osos CA

What an amazing drive that is, between Palm Springs and the Los Angeles basin. I have never seen that many wind turbines before, ever. Check this out:


 It is like a wall of them....

I was wondering something, and maybe someone could enlighten me on this point. Why is it, that with all this amazing sunshine here, don't I see more of the homes through these valleys with solar panels on their roofs??? I mean, really, isn't that just "wasting" potential energy? Just a thought...
Driving along and minding my own business and I hear the unmistakable "roar" of a Lamborghini coming up behind me. Now, this is impressive (my hearing included) because the van isn't the most quiet environment to be in on the freeway. First, two went by then three, then four.....holy cow - it's a convoy of them. Must have been a Lambo-run or a club. This is likely $3-4 million worth of cars going by. Unbelievable!! So these pictures are for George Rossi, our friend, who owned one of these powerful machines. That is how I know what they sounded like!!

 This is for you, George!!!


 Sunday noonish...yes, there was an accident and look
what it did to traffic...5 lanes, going no where fast!!

Car day continues!! This one is for our sister-in-law, Carmen Tamas.
Here are both halves of that EOS you wanted, the front and back!!

 Coming down into one of the valleys north and east of Los Angeles!! 

 Sorry, forgot where this was, but up just where scenic Hwy 1 starts....

Never too early for Christmas now, are we??
After this we went through an incredible climb up and over a mountain range. It was near Santa Inez and was filled with small and large ranches, horses and small vineyards. We thought it was beautiful. It climbs up very fast and then rolls up and down for quite a while. Eventually, it deposits you out by San Luis Obispo. Loved it....

Cachuma Lake Recreational area.  

We arrive in Los Osos about 3:15 pm. So, with laundry calling, screaming actually, we drove the short distance into Morro Bay, where we were last year at the beginning of March. Finished the laundry and then had a lovely meal of chowder and fish & chips. Now, we are safely ensconced in the GoWesty parking lot (well, actually, we are at a Starbucks, just up the street). We will "boondock" at GoWesty tonight and then pick up our order in the morning. (They have a great bathroom available to customers).
One little minor wrinkle is that Doug noticed a small oil drip (...gasp!!!) out from near the front passenger wheel today when we had parked. So, after picking up the order we will go over to see the fine folks at Central Autohaus, just around the corner. JC and gang did the install of our new suspension and wheels last year. Hopefully, they will not find much wrong. We will advise everyone what is going on tomorrow.
Anyway, for now we will leave you with pictures of Morro Bay:



Goodnight, from the GoWesty parking lot in Los Osos, CA. Hopefully, we will be on our way tomorrow!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. Welcome to my country! I love reading your impressions. Well, I can't say a lot about Southern CA - it's really supposed to be another State!!! That's what we northerners say - because they take our water!
    Those wind turbines are creating energy for millions of people - pretty neat huh? Lots and lots of houses do have solar panels but they're often not visible to the road. And, it's interesting that, particularly in So. CA, there are vast areas that are essentially uninhabited - and then a ca-gillion houses all lined up in rows in another area. Hmmmm. What's your travel map look like? are you going to hit I-5 somewhere in CA? If so, I can charge out to greet you as you go by!!!!

  2. Hope your van repair is nothing serious! Will check tomorrow for your update! Abrazos.

  3. We drove through the Los Angeles area on our first trip down back in 2007 and we just hated all the traffic in the area. Love the pictures of the drive. The one you took of the recreation area reminded me of Mexico.

    You were so lucky to see all those Lamborghinis, how cool!

    Hope all goes well with the leak and that it isn't too serious.


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